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June 26, 2007

Chris Erased, Vince to Apologize

Interesting to see that Chris Benoit's profile on ECW's page has already been removed. During Eddie Guerrero's death, his profile remained on Smackdown for several months after his death. Seems like the WWE is trying to distance themselves from Chris.

WWEShop.com has removed all traces of Chris Benoit from the site. Chris Benoit's name has been removed from the Superstars section, as well as all his merchandise. The WrestleMania 23 DVD no longer lists his match against MVP in the match listing and the description for a plaque autographed by all of the winners at WrestleMania no longer lists his name. Furthermore, a search for "Benoit" or "Chris Benoit" leads to a blank page with the words: Search results for "discontinued".

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will apologize for the three-hour USA Network tribute to pro wrestler Chris Benoit that aired Monday night, sources said.

The WWE and USA Network have received complaints about the tribute, which was hastily produced after Mr. Benoit, his wife and their son were found dead in their Georgia home Monday afternoon.

source: wrestlezone.com & rajah.com

WWE: Concerned By Sensationalistic Reporting


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