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December 6, 2013

Owner of The Monster Factory Comments on the WWE Performance Center

Danny Cage, co-owner of The Monster Factory wrestling school in New Jersey, recently talked with Temple-News.com about the possibility of working with WWE at some point. The idea would that they could become an extension of the new Performance Center for wrestlers that can't move to Florda, or those that WWE doesn't have room for currently.

Cage said the following:

"I love what they're doing with the Performance Center. When Gerald Brisco came to our place, he suggested we discuss with Triple H and check the center out. We run a very similar program to WWE developmental because they're also looking for the basics rather than the high spots. But there are only so many people they can train at once, and people can't always move to Florida to train. It would be great if they sent people over to us to check out. I can't ever see there being a problem with us finding students because it's for the better of the business."


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