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December 27, 2013

Professional wrestling dinner theater looking for place in Kissimmee

Central Florida is home to theme parks, beaches, and all kinds of shows, but there’s an effort to combine food with professional wrestling.

Professional wrestler Bryan Smith owns the Manor Professional Wrestling Dinner Theater.

“It’s theater and I know people will say professional wrestling, that’s a sport. Yes, it is, but Manor is putting sports and theater together,” Smith said.

Smith is putting on shows at Osceola Heritage Park, but there’s a new twist.

They’ll be serving dinner during the show.

“Roasted chicken, potatoes, vegetables. And then we have a kids' menu as well,” said Smith. “Our characters are from all over, just like we expect our tourists, our local fans. We have people from all walks of life.”

They had a sold out show for a recent Friday night.

Now, they have six shows scheduled for 2014.

Smith said Central Florida is the perfect place for them to grow.

“Kissimmee, Florida, is growing. If you look at, there are a lot of dinner shows in Kissimmee. We don’t want to compete with them, but we want to have a unique brand,” Smith said.

Now he’s working with city leaders in hopes of finding a permanent building for his company.

source: baynews9.com


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