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December 21, 2013

Rumor Mill - Batista to Return to WWE

UNLVTickets.com is advertising former WWE Champion Batista for WWE's 2/16 event in Las Vegas, NV, and according to PWInsider.com, sources within WWE have confirmed that Batista will indeed be returning to WWE and the advertisement is not a mistake.

The ticketing website released the promo for Batista's return prematurely, and spoiled WWE's planned surprise, which could be that the former Champ is returning at The Royal Rumble.

Wrestelzone.com reported back in July that Batista has been in talks with Triple H about a potential return to the company, as the wrestler-turned-actor does want to have one more run with WWE.

Furthermore, WZ spoke with a source in WWE this evening and we were told it's likely we will see promos begin to run promoting the return of Batista to WWE in the coming weeks.

​It's being said that Batista will likely work with WWE until he is called to do promotional work for his upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be released in August of 2014.


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