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December 7, 2013

Universal Orlando CityWalk Announcement December 12th 2013

Universal will be making a major announcement next Thursday rumored to be about CityWalk’s future. If you have been following this situation closely you can clearly see they are preparing for a full blown revamp. You will soon notice some of your favorite stores and restaurants either closing or being relocated. So one can only wonder what may be around the corner.

It has long been rumored that the WWE Hall of Fame will eventually make its presence felt at Universal City Walk. The only road block in the way is that rival wrestling organization TNA; TNA tapes shows on site at the “Impact Wrestling Zone” located at soundstage 19. Keep in mind early in 2013, TNA Wrestling officially terminated its lease with Universal Studios to tour nationally. When TNA found its way back to Universal a couple of months ago rather going back to the original Impact Zone, they went to Soundstage 19 which holds smaller crowds. Rumors are if the WWE (Formally World Wrestling Federation) want to be the exclusive GIANT in town, they will have to shoot shows on location. We will see if TNA terminating the building lease with Universal in the past will make it easier for the WWE to negotiate a deal. Universal has been very loyal to TNA over the years, so I guess only time will tell.

source: trips2florida.com


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