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December 3, 2013

Update on Sin Cara’s Future in WWE, Who Will Play Him?, Hunico News, Unhappiness with Mistico

The original Sin Cara, the lucha libre star known as Mistico in Mexico, did NOT work last night's Raw broadcast as Sin Cara, but rather Hunico dawned the mask and was working as the character he has played in WWE in the past.

In an update to this developing story, PWInsider.com reports the decision was made within WWE to move forward with Hunico as Sin Cara, and last night was somewhat of a re-introduction of the character as he got a big win over Alberto Del Rio, and WWE went back to using the old Sin Cara lighting for the bout.

The original Sin Cara, known as Mistico in Mexico, is currently at home in Mexico and the feeling in WWE is that he will not be brought back to the company and not re-signed when his deal expires. This has yet to be confirmed, however.

There has been an unhappiness with Mistico as Cara within WWE, and it established itself right from the get-go when Cara made his WWE debut. The feeling in the company is that he underachieved, did not bring his star power with him to WWE from Mexico, was too hurt too often, and carried himself backstage in WWE as a bigger star than he actually was. Because he was Triple H's first signing, however, there was a lot of pressure on Cara to make an impact in WWE.

In what's a very ironic situation, additionally, there was a story line battle between Hunico and Mistico for the Sin Cara name in WWE, and in real life, Hunico was actually given the name Mistico in Mexico before Mistico was given the name, so the roles have completely reversed in WWE.


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