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January 12, 2014

Ryback Update: Backstage Heat Persists, Officials “Fuming” Over Lilian Garcia Remark, More

Last night, Ryback's Twitter rant culminated in him Tweeting "was just released," and subsequently all Tweets on his account were deleted and his Twitter name was changed back to his real name, Ryan Reeves.

While it wasn't confirmed whether or not Ryback was indeed released or is just trolling the internet, a source within WWE informed Wrestlezone.com that the backstage heat Ryback has had with WWE management persists, and officials are reportedly upset with a variety of things where Ryback is concerned. However, when asked if Ryback was indeed released tonight, our source responded by saying "I don't think so."

Officials have never been a fan of how Ryback sells during matches, and they were none too thrilled with the concussion Dolph Ziggler sustained during his match against Ryback taped for Superstars this week.

Additionally, we were told that despite jokes being made on TV at Lilian Garcia's expense in the past, WWE officials were reportedly "fuming" over the comment Ryback made during his commentary on Raw this past Monday night. For those who missed it, Ryback said his voice was hoarse, as he's been hanging out with Lilian Garcia too much. The comment was in reference to an ongoing backstage joke in WWE that Lilian Garcia has a "horse face."


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