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January 4, 2014

TNA Fails to Secure Impact Zone in Orlando; Future of TV Tapings Unknown

In December 2013, TNA taped six episodes of Impact Wrestling from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. At the time, the company sent out a press release about the Impact Zone homecoming, claiming that there were plans to launch a training facility and use the tools available at the Universal sound stage as a hub for #IMPACT365.

Next week, the final pre-recorded episode of Impact Wrestling will air on Spike TV followed by a live Genesis special on January 16th. Following the Genesis special, TNA will tape several more episodes in Huntsville, AL before leaving for the annual UK Tour, where at least two, but likely four episodes of Impact are scheduled.

At this point, once TNA returns from the UK Tour they will have Impact recorded through February with a string of live events ending on February 23rd. This is the last date currently booked for any TNA events, and so far a destination has not been determined for future episodes. According to reports, they could not secure the Impact Zone past their December booking, so it remains to be seen where television will be taped starting in March. Expect a press release on the issue from TNA soon.

source: pwinsider.com


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