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February 18, 2014

John Cena Talks About WWE Talents Needing to Step Up, WWE's Product Changing and More

Below are some highlights from Steve Austin's recent podcast interview with John Cena:

* Cena says he feels great, turns 37 in April and still feels he can keep up with anyone who comes through the doors to wrestle for WWE.

* Cena said he wishes there was more motivational reinforcement from WWE officials. He admitted that WWE officials create a "walking on eggshells environment."

* Cena said WWE has a locker room full of very talented guys but also a locker room full of Superstars who are fearful for their jobs. Cena said some of them are not willing to take the next step.

* Cena feels WWE is on the cusp of getting a real all-star roster for the first time in a long time.

* Cena said WWE is moving towards more action and less talk.

* Cena talked about working with Cesaro at the Performance Center for a Muscle & Fitness shoot. Cena said he likes to get to know talents on a personal basis when WWE is ready to push them to the main event


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