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March 23, 2014

Diamond Dallas Page Defends Triple H, Talks About His HOF Speech for Jake Roberts and More

As seen above, Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with WrestleDope.com while he was in Ireland. He talked about Jake Roberts, Triple H getting more power in WWE, The Shield, CM Punk and lots more. Below are a few quotes sent to us:

His WWE Hall of Fame induction speech for Jake Roberts:
"Now I know it's gonna be the strongest shit I've ever said and I will have something planned that I'm gonna say. I'll know what I'm going to say before I go up there, doesn't mean I'm going to say it!"

Triple H:
"Paul Levesque aka Triple H has been one of the most solid guys I've ever met in this business so nobody can talk shit about him around me. You may have your own beef with him, whoever it is but no one who don't know ain't got nothing to say about him around me because he's always been a stand up guy to me."

Ric Flair:
"I love the guy, I don't want to have heat with him, fuck that!"


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