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March 25, 2014

Shane McMahon Files Lawsuit Against New York City Penthouse Complex

Former WWE executive and current Chairman of YOU on Demand Shane McMahon has filed a lawsuit against New York City's Cobblestone Lofts complex, the Andrews Organization (the complex's managing agent), and "several yet-to-be-identified design firms and construction organizations," according to LLNYC.com.

The lawsuit, which McMahon filed along with his wife, film producer and former WWE employee Marissa Mazzola-McMahon, alleges that "certain toxic, airborne contaminants" were grown as a result of water leaking into the couple's penthouse. The lawsuit claims that as a result of the contaminants, Shane, Marissa, and their three children are now suffering from "severe respiratory ailments."

The lawsuit further states that the situation "caused a potential $5 million-plus loss in property value and over $130,000 in damage to furniture, clothing, artwork, and appliances." LLCNYC.com also notes that the McMahons "have some personal possessions with them in their current rental home, but the bulk of their property remains in storage facilities, where rent costs upward of $5,000 monthly."

The lawsuit further states that as a result of the situation, "the McMahons have been forced to evacuate...and incur monthly living expenses of approximately $15,000 at a rental apartment. They will not be able to return home until the deficient conditions that have caused and will continue to cause damage related to water penetration and infiltration into [the home] are remedied."

The McMahons purchased the home in 2001 for $3.9 million and began residing in the property in 2002 before vacating in May 2012.

The lawsuit filed by the McMahons is asking for "no less than $50 million plus interest."

To read the LLNYC.com article in its entirety, click here.


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