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March 21, 2014

Triple H, Emma, WWE Performance Center, More

Triple H was a major contributor to the The Herald Sun feature we posted about earlier, as the journalist that wrote the piece was touring the WWE Performance Center alongside Triple H and others. In fact, the writer said he was one of the first international journalist given the opportunity to tour and cover the new 26,000 square foot training facility in Orlando.

Here are some of the Triple H highlights from the piece:

On how WWE finds talent for the Performance Center:

“Some people come to us, some send us tapes, we hold open castings and do auditions,” he says. “We make connections with Olympic athletes, rugby and football players. Some of these people are among the best athletes in the world who just missed out on performing at the highest level in their sport. For them, the WWE is an amazing chance at a new career.”

On superstars using mirrors to work on their promos:

“It’s called the mirror room because, when I learned, that’s what you did — you stood in front of a mirror and practised doing promos,” Levesque says. “The biggest part of our industry is charisma and personality, how you stand out from the crowd.

“The top star was not always the guy who was the best technician in the ring, sometimes it was the guy with the incredible personality … that’s the hard part to teach.”

On the thoughts behind creating the Performance Center:

“The design of this place comes from a thought: if I wanted to be a superstar today, what would I need to get there? This is about making the next generation of superstars bulletproof — giving them what they need to get here, the tools to make it, everything they must have in order to be as successful as they can be.”

Sean Fewster of Australia's Herald Sun did an incredible job with his detailed piece on WWE's Peformance Center. Focusing on Hunter's comments and those of WWE Diva Emma, you get a very unique view of exactly what the new training facility means on both sides of the business – management and talent.

You can check out the feature here.


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