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March 5, 2014

Video: Is Triple H scared of Daniel Bryan?

The latest sit down interview with Triple H and Michael Cole has been released, and the following are highlights from the interview, which you can watch below:

Cole brings up the many reasons why HHH would not accept Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania challenge, and Cole asks HHH what the real reason is.

HHH says he's the COO of the company, and doesn't have the time for a B+ player. Cole noted HHH has had numerous matches since he has been COO of WWE, and HHH says Cole can't compare guys like The Undertaker to Daniel Bryan. He says it's gonna take a lot more than a challenge to get HHH to lace up his boots against a B+ player like Bryan.

HHH says Bryan would be embarrassed by him at WrestleMania, thus ending the "Yes" movement, and that's not good for business. It's better for Bryan to do his "little B+ thing" and let the "immortals" handle WrestleMania.

HHH calls Bryan a "185 pound sawed-off midget," and when asked if he's scared of Daniel Bryan, HHH said "You want to know if I'm afraid of him? The answer to your question is the exact same answer to Daniel Bryan's question: No."


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