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April 5, 2014

John Cena Talks About His Match with Bray Wyatt, His Legacy, Taker's Streak, Triple H, More

John Cena recently spoke with AMNY.com to promote WrestleMania XXX. Here are some highlights:

What are you doing to prepare for your match with Bray Wyatt?

This one is peculiar. You ask me any other WrestleMania opponent I’ve ever had, I’d be able to give you a clean cut shot: “John Cena’s going to walk into wherever and kick the holy hell out of somebody.” But the Bray Wyatt situation is different. He’s a difficult opponent to scout because I don’t necessarily know what he wants to do at WrestleMania. A lot of my WrestleMania opponents in the past want to simply win. Bray Wyatt has stated that the most important thing for him to do on April 6 is ruin my legacy and he’s also that that doesn’t necessarily come at the cost of defeating me. He’s done some very awkward stuff on “Monday Night Raw” at the cost of victory, having victory within his grasp or one of his family members having victory within [their] grasp and then just throwing away victories just to create an embarrassing moment, or undermining moment for me. So, it’s very been very difficult for me to scout Bray, very difficult for me to come up with a battle plan or a playbook and I think, from an outside perspective, that’s what makes WrestleMania interesting. It can be the first match that I’ve been in where I may win, but I may wind up the loser, if that makes any sense.

What is your legacy?

I’m certainly not afraid to address the fact that there are a lot of people that enjoy my performances, a lot of people that don’t. I think the one thing that I’ve been consistent to over the years is the reason I go out there. I’ve openly said I love the WWE. I truly operate on a schedule of hustle, loyalty and respect. That’s the term on the T-shirt, but it simply means hard work, respect everyone, even though they may be your enemy, and be loyal to those who are loyal to you. That’s pretty much my ideology -- so good, bad or indifferent. You know, I’ve been around for 12 years now, so when you come out and say that the first time, people may not believe it, but 12 years people, people are like, you know what, this is what this guy stands for. And I think Bray’s trying to do what he’s trying to do – he may see me in a different light or whatever, but he says he’s going to change the way people think about me.

What matches, as a fan, are you looking forward to watching?

I’m looking forward to The Shield, because I really find excitement in new. I’m a member of the WWE Universe. I’m a fan as well as a superstar, so when I see these new superstars, I get excited. … I’m really looking forward to the Andre the Giant over the top Battle Royal because it’s a 30-man situation with so many new superstars and somebody is going to have a WrestleMania moment there. I hope it’s a breakout moment for someone. The match that I am most interested in is Triple H versus Daniel Bryan, only because for six months, maybe even longer than that now, Daniel Bryan has been labeled as the guy who will never ever get an opportunity, the guy who is always beingkept down. And I agreed with that, until Daniel Bryan occupied Raw and madedemands. And those demands were met. And I think Daniel Bryan is a wonderful competitor. I think he has as much passion as anyone else in the WWE. But he asked for these matches, and it looks like a pretty unfair set of circumstances, but if you go back and watch the Raw where he took over, he asked for it. So if he doesn’t take advantage of that opportunity, if he doesn’t capitalize on that opportunity, then you really can’t say he never got one. As unfair as it may be, it’s the exact one that he asked for. So, as I said, WrestleMania is made of defining moments and when you ask for an opportunity at WrestleMania and you’re gifted opportunity, you better perform, so my eyes are on that match, big time.

Triple H hasn’t wrestled much recently. Do you think he’ll be rusty?

He’s my boss, but I’ve also been in there with him and I’ve been in there with him at WrestleMania. So he is above all else, he can wear a suit and be Triple H, or whatever he calls himself at the Tower in Stamford, Conn. When he steps in there, he’s The Game. And that is 100% true and he has that same passion that I have. I want a bigger stage. I want more eyes. I want this event to be as big as it can be, because I’m going to show the world that I’m at the top of my game. He’s a veteran of that. Daniel Bryan, I don’t know if he knows what those moments are about. Congratulations Daniel, you got everything you asked for, but hold on, man, you just got everything you asked for. It’s one of those scenarios, and I’m really looking forward to seeing that.

What are your thoughts on the Undertaker’s impressive 21-0 win streak at WrestleMania?

A couple things you know about WrestleMania – it’s the biggest show we do and always stay away from The Undertaker around WrestleMania season. He’s got a pretty good streak for himself. But you know what, in looking at it in years past, he had two fantastic matches with Shawn Michaels, and a wonderful match with Triple H. Wonderful matches. But after over 20 years, that’s a lot of wrestling. That’s a lot of performing. I feel old, and I feel the bumps and bruises and this is going to be my 10th WrestleMania. I can only imagine what’s that like. And I will say this, I haven’t been in the ring with Undertaker at WrestleMania, but I’ve been in the ring with the Undertaker and I’ve also been in the ring with Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is a hoss. This guy is a 100% legit, bonafide stud. He belongs in a ring. He belongs doing what he does. And I don’t know man, I don’t know. For the first time, I can confidently say, I’m betting against the Undertake at WrestleMania.


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