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April 10, 2014

Recap of DDP on Nancy Grace Tonight; DDP Praises WWE’s Wellness Policy Amidst Grace’s Attempts to Link Warrior’s Death to “Steroids & Drugs”

Former WWE star Diamond Dallas Page appeared on Nancy Grace tonight to speak on the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Grace began with the news recap of Warrior's death, then continued to reiterate an overly-dramatic subliminal message throughout the segment that "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling" in the case of Ultimate Warrior's death.

To my knowledge, there hasn't been a single media outlet that has linked steroid or drug use to the sudden death of Ultimate Warrior.

Grace brought a doctor onto the show to discuss the long term effects anabolic steroids have on your body, and the lasting problems they can cause even if you've stopped using them long ago. This was clearly Grace's indirect way to blame Warrior's past steroid use (which he has admitted to) for his death yesterday.

At one point in the segment, she listed numerous pro wrestling names who have died young, and attempted to group them into the same "steroid" umbrella that she was using against Warrior, even if some of the names she mentioned had never been linked to steroid use.

DDP talked briefly about wrestlers using steroids in the past, but praised WWE's Wellness Policy for getting guys like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts the help they needed to get their lives back on track following their past drug use.

Grace continued to reiterate "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling," and then introduced a correspondent who spoke on the "catastrophic medical condition" Warrior suffered yesterday. Grace asked for clarification of the phrase "catastrophic medical condition," but the correspondent said nothing else is known at this time. She did mention most people believe the cause of Warrior's death to be a heart attack, but those details remain unconfirmed.

DDP mentioned Warrior's vigorous workout habits, and noted he was a very intense man, but added he is not a doctor, and cannot speak to the truth of any drug or steroid related causes of Warrior's death.

The segment closed with Grace reiterating, for the hundredth time, "rumors of steroid and drug use are swirling," and at this point she's said it so many times she has to be the person who started the rumors, and is continuing to "swirl" them.


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