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May 4, 2014

Ric Flair Update

PWInsider is reporting that WWE has an offer out to Ric Flair to return as a regular character on TV and go back on the road full-time. It apparentle was was a Triple H call.

According to WWE sources, Flair was told that as long as he handled some of his personal matters that would keep him from going on the road, he would be back.

One WWE source believed that the company needs Flair to undergo a series of medical testing before they will allow him to go back on the road, noting that the company is even more cautious now following Jerry Lawler's heart attack in November 2012.

Flair still has an outstanding warrant out in North Carolina related to a civil matter with his ex-wife Jacqueline as well. WWE is taping TV in Greensboro, NC on 5/13. It could be that WWE wants Flair to get that matter squared away so there are no restrictions on where he can appear, especially since he's always been a huge draw in North Carolina after decades of being a celebrity in Charlotte.

Flair, as of this morning, is not scheduled for the Extreme Rules PPV. He is flying out of Los Angeles following a signing appearance and heading home to Atlanta, GA.


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