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May 28, 2014

Triple H Praises Natalya and Charlotte, Talks About Tyson Kidd, WWE Payback, NXT, More

Triple H is back for another sitdown interview with Michael Cole this week, which you can see on WWE's website at this link. Below are highlights:

* He says Payback is where it all comes to an end, the final battle. He's been telling The Shield to adapt or perish and the time is at Payback.

* Triple H talks about NXT Takeover on Thursday night. He says he got the name Takeover from looking at social media and seeing that fans were talking about how NXT is taking over WWE. He says NXT is going to make an impact on the world.

* He praises Natalya as one of the best in-ring performers int he Divas division and says Charlotte is becoming one of the best. He says Charlotte is one of the most genetically gifted athletes he's ever seen.

* He talks about how Tyson Kidd made a little bit of an impact on the main roster, got hurt and is now using NXT as his pathway back. He brings up a possible scenario of Tyson losing and Natalya winning. He refers to Kidd as a sidekick husband and says that's hard for some guys to handle. Cole talks about a NXT Takeover preview show interview he conducted with Kidd where Kidd got emotional.

* Triple H says NXT is an infectious environment and everyone there should be congratulated. He says we will see the NXT talents put their heart and soul on the line like never before at Takeover.


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