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June 8, 2014

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Suffered Stroke-Like Symptoms Before Hospital Stint

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was hospitalized Thursday for mysterious '"stroke-like symptoms" ... but after a few days of extensive testing, doctors were able to pinpoint the source of the legendary announcer's problem.

Ross says he got home from a trip to Vegas Thursday night and wasn't feeling well ... so his wife forced him to go to a nearby hospital in Oklahoma to get checked out.

Doctors ran a battery of tests on the 62-year-old and ultimately determined the symptoms were being caused by meds he had been taking for an unrelated medical issue.

Doctors also informed Ross ... the tests showed he had suffered a minor undiagnosed stroke in the past.

Ross' doctors are confident they fixed the problem -- changed his medication -- and the podcast-host was released from the hospital Saturday evening.

Ross adds, "I'm not ready to tag out just yet."

source: tmz.com


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