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July 3, 2014

5 Keys to the WWE's Hugely Successful Social Media Strategy

Stephanie McMahon, the Chief Brand Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter. Her great-grandfather, Roderick James McMahon, booked boxing and wrestling matches at New York's Madison Square Garden and started Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952. Her grandfather Vince McMahon Sr. took his father's company over in 1954. Stephanie's father Vince McMahon bought the family regional grappling business in 1982, built it into the global entertainment company that took in over $500 million in revenue last year, and remains its chairman and CEO.

Today, the WWE airs its weekly live events in 150 countries and reaches 650 million homes worldwide, and has a total of 360 million social media followers across its wrestlers' and its own Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. WWE trends worldwide every week on Twitter, and, says Stephanie McMahon, the company's followers have increased 120 percent in the last 12 months.

You don't have to be an analytics expert to know that means WWE's content is constantly going viral. USA Today's top trending article earlier this week, currently clocking in at 38,000 shares and rising, was a GIF of WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose superplexing Seth Rollins off a ladder during Sunday's pay-per-view event "Money In The Bank."

"WWE's mission is all about putting smiles on people's faces," McMahon says. "There's so much power in making someone smile and to share those smiles across social media is one of my goals."...More?

source: inc.com


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