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November 17, 2017

Triple H Addresses ESPN Comments Made About Reid Flair

As seen on ESPN last week, WWE star and Executive Triple H appeared on the ’30 for 30′ special “Nature Boy”, covering Ric Flair’s life and pro wrestling career.

During the special, interview footage aired featuring Triple H discussing Flair’s late son Reid Flair, and the drug testing he underwent during his attempts to sign a developmental deal with WWE. In the documentary, Triple H explained that Reid Flair failed two separate drug tests, the second being an even worse failure than the first, which is why he was never signed.

As noted, Triple H conducted an NXT Takeover media call yesterday, and during the call, which you can listen to in full below, The Game addressed his Reid Flair comments which aired in the ESPN doc, and noted some of them were taken out of context. You can hear Triple H’s clarification of the Flair comments beginning at the 22 minute mark in the video.

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