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May 12, 2007

Ozzy Rocks WWE

By Kara A. Medalis

Ozzy Osbourne is ready to rock WWE. The rock legend will perform “I Don’t Wanna Stop,” the first single off his new album, Black Rain, live in Baltimore on SmackDown next week. “I Don’t Wanna Stop” is the official theme song for Judgment Day, and Osbourne is no stranger to WWE.

“Working with WWE, it’s fun, you know. I’m not new to wrestling. I started doing some stuff with the British Bulldogs many, many years ago,” Osbourne told WWE.com, referring to his WrestleMania 2 appearance.

“I became a very good friend of Andre the Giant when he was alive. I used to go drinking with him, and he was such a lovely man,” he said.

Epic Records’ Black Rain will hit store shelves on May 22. It’s Osbourne’s first album of new studio material in six years.

source: wwe.com




I never understood wrestling, but you are right about Andre..He was admitted to a hospital in Boston that I worked at and we had to put two beds together to accommodate him, he was a very nice , and very large man..love him in the movie "The Princess Bride"..Going to Ozzie's Freefest too!!



Wrestling is entertainment. One good guy, one bad guy and some trash talking. Very easy to understand.

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