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August 7, 2016

Shelton Benjamin No Longer Returning To WWE

As noted, WWE recently announced that Shelton Benjamin would be returning to WWE on the SmackDown brand. Benjamin revealed on Twitter today that he is no longer returning to tend to a torn rotator cuff.

July 26, 2016

Shelton Benjamin is returning to WWE after six-year absence

One of the most athletically gifted and underrated WWE stars of the last decade is making a comeback. After six years wrestling in Japan and on the independent circuit after leaving WWE in 2010, former three-time Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin is making a return.

Benjamin's comeback was announced in a promo on SmackDown Live Tuesday.

December 12, 2011

Talent Scheduled To Appear At ROH's Baltimore TV Taping

The following talents are listed for the upcoming Ring Of Honor television taping on January 7 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Davey Richards, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin, The Briscoes, Roderick Strong, Eddie Edwards, The Young Bucks, T.J. Perkins, Kyle O'Reilly & Adam Cole, Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman, All Night Express, Tommaso Ciampa, Mike Bennett

June 27, 2011

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team Sign With ROH

ROH officials are excited to announce that the ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, collectively known as Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, have signed their names on the dotted line and are officially under contract to Ring of Honor Wrestling!...More?

source: rohwrestling.com

March 8, 2011

Shelton Benjamin Works WWE Dark Match

Former WWE and current Ring of Honor star Shelton Benjamin worked a dark match before the NXT and Smackdown tapings in Houston, Texas tonight. Benjamin defeated Curt Hawkins.

source: prowrestling.net

December 19, 2010

ROH Final Battle iPPV Results 12/18/10

During an intermission at ROH's Final Battle PPV yesterday, "The World's Greatest Tag Team," Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, announced that they would be joining ROH full time in 2011 with a goal of becoming the ROH Tag Team Champions. Click here for full results.

November 28, 2010

Interview with Shelton Benjamin

Former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin recently spoke with Blackvoices.com:

Why did WWE let you go?

Honestly, I'm still wondering that myself. What I think it boils down to is that I'd been there for so long and they had such high hopes for me. For me to continue in the position that I was in I would have gotten to the point where family would have lost faith in me. I think while I'm still young every now and then you need to completely disassociate yourself from the company to freshen yourself up. It would be one thing for me to say I am gonna leave and take three months off and when I come back I'll be fresh and new, but it's a total other thing to disassociate yourself from the company completely. The point that they didn't resign me doesn't really bother me because I felt like I needed to go and near the end of my career work for me wasn't fun. I remember when I first started I could not wait to get to work. Near the end, I couldn't stand when I had to wake up and go to the airport. It was one of those things where we were both in agreement that I needed to step away. Do I believe that's a permanent departure? No. If you have watched the history of the WWE or if you have ever worked there and you were ever any good; you don't have just one run with the WWE. The door is open for me to come back. We parted ways on good terms, but as far as a lot of the decisions they made with my career, I'm still dumbfounded...More?

April 22, 2010

6 Added to the Future Endeavor Club

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Divas Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill as well as Superstars Shelton Benjamin, Kung Fu Naki, Slam Master J and Jimmy Wang Yang as of today, April 22, 2010. We wish them the best in all future endeavors.

March 23, 2010

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

With his victory over Carlito on the Feb. 22 edition of Raw, new Raw Superstar Christian became the first man to qualify for this year's Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

On the Feb. 26 edition of SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Shelton Benjamin all qualified to join Christian on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

On the Mar. 1 edition of Raw, Jack Swagger and MVP qualified for the bout.

Matt Hardy will return to WrestleMania’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the third time, thanks to his qualification on the Mar. 5 edition of SmackDown.

Earning the eighth spot, Evan Bourne defeated William Regal on the Mar. 8 edition of Raw.

On the Mar. 12 edition of SmackDown, McIntyre finally qualified for The Grandest Stage of Them All by defeating a local athlete, who The Chairman himself hand-picked.

Lastly, just six days before WrestleMania XXVI, Kofi Kingston won a hard-fought battle against Vladimir Kozlov to earn the tenth and final spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match...More?

source: wwe.com

February 16, 2010

ECW Results: Dominant Farewell

The WWE Universe bid an emotional, historic farewell to ECW on Syfy from the Sprint Center Arena Tuesday night. But as WWE closes the door on the Land of the Extreme, we’ll soon say hello to the new evolution of reality television with the debut of WWE NXT.

It took Ezekiel Jackson months, but The Guyanese Goliath and his mentor, William Regal, finally accomplished what they set out to achieve on ECW on Syfy – total domination. In the final ECW match, Big Zeke conquered ECW Champion Christian under Extreme Rules, becoming the last Superstar to ever hold the ECW Title. Full results.

source: wwe.com

February 3, 2010

Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer

December 14, 2009

New Champs - So What's the Problem?

Two new champions - Sheamus and Drew McIntyre - and the IWC is still complaining. for months, they have been begging the WWE to put titles on someone other than John Cena, Triple H, or Randy Orton. They have been pleading for matches that involved someone other than their "top" stars. The question was asked, "When is the WWE going to create new stars?"..."When are they going to elevate someone other than Cena, Hunter or Orton?"

Well, you got it last night. So, what's the problem?

The problem is that because Sheamus works out with Triple H and Drew McIntyre is rumored to be a Shawn Michaels/Triple H favorite - apparently neither one of them is worthy of the push. While I'm not sold yet on McIntyre I think Sheamus has star written all over him. If you don't give them a chance, how are we to know?

I have read on other sites that the IWC is questioning the lack of push for perennial favorite Shelton Benjamin. Last month, Jim Ross posted the following on his blog. Maybe Shelton falls into this category:

"At a certain point once a guy gets his foot in the door and he starts getting some time on TV, then they really have more ownership than the general public understands. The more-educated fans would rather blame creative. Sometimes they just don’t know what else went on and they don’t know a guy’s attitude and they don’t know who phoned something in or who thinks, “Hey, I don’t really even want to get any higher than this.” You have to understand that some guys get on a semi-main event level, and they don’t know that they can handle the pressure of carrying the show. That’s not for everybody. It takes a very unique individual to be a star, and a main event star. The business is so good now financially that guys who are not main-eventers can still earn a great living and prepare for life after wrestling."

It's just a thought. We will never know, but they wanted new champs and they got new champs. It's time to see what they can do.

Sheamus Sits at the Top Table

You wait years for a Brit or Irishman to win a championship in the WWE — and then two come along at once.

Sheamus made history at last night's Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view by becoming the first ever person from the UK or Ireland to win the company's world title. He did something that not even Davey Boy Smith, Fit Finlay or William Regal could achieve.

And the TLC initials of the event had a double meaning, also standing for Three Lost Championships, as Scot Drew McIntyre won the intercontinental strap and Triple H and Shawn Michaels picked up the unified tag belts...More?

source: the sun

December 10, 2009

Nothing Tender About WWE's TLC

Like most South Texas teenagers, Shawn Michaels grew up intensely watching wrestling in the early 1980s.

"I grew up watching ‘Southwest Championship Wrestling' and then ‘World Class Championship Wrestling' in Dallas with the Von Erichs," said Michaels, 44. "I was about 15, I believe, and I just got hooked on it from there."

It didn't take long for Michaels to go from performing in front of 50 diehard wrestling fans at the former hole-in-the-wall called Junction on Blanco Road to tens of thousands of diehards at some of the biggest arenas in the world.

Regarded as one of the all-time greats (he has a DVD of his 25 greatest matches due out in March), Michaels will team with good buddy Triple H at World Wrestling Entertainment's pay-per-view event "Tables, Ladders and Chairs," Sunday at the AT&T Center...More?

source: mysanantonio.com

October 28, 2009

Sheamus vs Shelton Benjamin ECW

October 15, 2009

Opposite Ends Of The Scale: John Cena and Shelton Benjamin

June 30, 2009

Results of the Mini-Draft

Donald Trump approved a 15 Superstar trade among the three brands before he was fired last week. The trades are as follows.

Raw: Gail Kim, Alicia Fox, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne and Mark Henry.

Smackdown: Matt Hardy, Finlay, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya.

ECW: Shelton Benjamin, Goldust, William Regal and The Bella Twins.

May 18, 2009

Q&A with Shelton Benjamin

What he enjoys the most and least about being a professional wrestler: "The least is easy - the physical toll it takes on your body and the time you're away from your family. Those are the number one and two things that most of us experience. But the great thing is, I get to travel the world... I've performed in Afghanistan, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South America, Canada and a few other places - Italy. It's really hard for me to think of places I haven't been."

When asked how far he sees African-American wrestlers have come in the industry and where he fits into that history: "Honestly, as far as being African-American goes, I think we're to a point now where I think of myself not as an African-American superstar; I think of myself as a superstar who just happens to be African-American. While I recognize African-Americans have come a long way and I think I'm a testament to that because I see myself in that light, it's because of all the hard work of previous African-American superstars. I don't compare myself with only African-Americans. I do not grade myself on a color scheme."...More?

source: cincinnati.com

May 10, 2009

(Super)Star Trek

Space, the Final Frontier ... unless you're a WWE Superstar who has made a career out of shooting for the stars (or a Shooting Star Press, for that matter). As the highly-anticipated Star Trek beams into movie theaters this weekend, WWE.com looks to the sky and fires off a 21-phaser, saluting the voyages of ring competitors whose aerial tactics have made them captains of the squared-circle enterprise...More?

source: wwe.com

April 17, 2009

The Four Superstars that Keep the WWE a Great Experience

Jack Swagger
Shelton Benjamin
John Morrison

Click here for the full article at Bleacher Report.

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