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January 5, 2022

WWE Releases Key PC Employees

WWE’s systematic pattern of mass releases has once again reared its ugly head as another quarter has come and gone.

Key employees of the WWE Performance Center, and notable NXT stars, have been cut as the promotion continues its aggressive move into a new era—both in terms of NXT and when it comes to a possible future sale.

WWE has reportedly released the following per Fightful:

Danny Burch

Timothy Thatcher

Hideki Suzuki

William Regal

Cathy Corino

Scott Armstrong

Hideki Suzuki

George Carroll

Ryan Katz

Dave Kapoor

Road Dogg

Ace Steel

WWE released the following statement regarding its most recent cuts:

“With the continued evolution of NXT 2.0, we’ve decided to part ways with some of the staff based in our Performance Center. We thank them for their many contributions throughout the years and wish them the best.”

September 3, 2021

Update On Vince McMahon’s Role In The WWE NXT Revamp

The weekly WWE NXT show will reportedly not be directly produced by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon and Senior Vice President & Executive Director Bruce Prichard with the upcoming revamp that kicks off this month.

It was reported this week, via Wrestling Observer Live, that McMahon and Prichard were to produce the weekly NXT TV show beginning with the September 14 live episode. The report noted that McMahon and Prichard will be behind the big decisions for the NXT brand, but not the smaller ones. They will also be responsible for marketing, promotion and direction of the NXT brand. It was also said that NXT will be like “the old NXT” moving forward, which appears to be a reference to how the brand was at its peak, around 2015-2018 or so.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE held a meeting with talent and staff where they were told the story of McMahon and Prichard directly producing the weekly NXT TV show is incorrect. Word is that McMahon and Prichard simply do not have the time to produce another weekly TV show.

While McMahon and Prichard won’t be directly producing the weekly NXT TV show, Vince remains in charge of everything in WWE, and there have been, and will continue to be more big-picture decisions on the NXT brand that are made my higher-ups in the company, those outside of the NXT circle, including decisions related to creative, branding and marketing. 

The people making these decisions, on their own, will be a group made up of McMahon, Prichard, President & CEO Nick Khan, Talent Relations head John Laurinaitis, and Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn. This group will have more influence on whoever they want pushed or protected in NXT, but it was noted that they likely will not be involved in weekly booking since they already have so much going on.

Regarding the changes in NXT, <b>Fightful Select adds that numerous WWE sources have effectively denied the original story on McMahon and Prichard directly producing NXT</b>

It was also noted that McMahon and Prichard were not at the recent set of NXT TV tapings. However, influential WWE Producer Jamie Noble has been seen at the WWE Performance Center more often than usual as of late. Furthermore, Prichard is scheduled to be at the Performance Center this weekend. There’s no word on what Prichard’s Saturday visit is for, but talent is not mandated to be there.

It remains to be seen exactly what this NXT revamp will mean for WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H and his crew. We noted earlier this week that the NXT brand will still be “very much in the hands” of Triple H and his team, which includes Trainer & Assistant Coach Shawn Michaels, Director of Talent Development & Head of Global Recruiting William Regal, Head Coach & Vice President of Talent Development Matt Bloom, and others. Word was that the day-to-day operations of NXT won’t change too much, but that the revamp will mean at least some loss of power for Triple H.

The original report on McMahon and Prichard producing NXT led to a “#RIPNXT” hashtag trending worldwide on social media.

October 8, 2017

William Regal Speaks Candidly About His Substance Abuse Issues in 1990's

Current WWE NXT General Manager and former WWE Intercontinental, European, and Tag Team Champion and 2008 King of the Ring William Regal recently appeared on Sean "X-Pac" Waltman's 1-2-360 Podcast.
Regal spoke candidly about his issues with substance abuse back in the 1990's which resulted in him being let go from both WWE and WCW at various points:

“I didn’t drink until I was 25. I didn’t do anything, it was just not something that I did. I left home when I was 16 and I was in nightclubs every night after work. I lived in a resort area where, within a mile walk of my house there was fifty-two nightclubs and over three hundred bars, and I was in one of them every night. I never drank, I just liked going out. Until I came to America and I sort of started doing a bit of this and a bit of that. I started taking a lot of pain pills and everything else. I coped with it for a while, and then the last few months of ’97 and ’98 were a complete mess. Then I said ‘enough.’ I just had enough of it.

September 8, 2017

Triple H, William Regal, Court Bauer And More Explore The UK Scene On “The World According To Wrestling”

The World According To Wrestling podcast is back with a second episode this week and explores the current situation in the British wrestling scene, ITV’s revamp of World Of Sport, WWE’s UK plans and how the UK indie scene feels about it. The loaded line-up of episode guests includes Triple H, Dave Meltzer, Andy Quildan, Klondyke Kate, Fred Dinenage, William Regal, Robbie Brookside, Finn Balor, Neville, Ryan Satin and Court Bauer.

The episode is available to download from today on iTunes and all other podcast platforms. You can read a few excerpts as well as listen to the show below:  

Paul Levesque, WWE’s Executive Vice President and 14-time World Champion Triple H, on launching in the UK at a similar time to World of Sport: 

“Did it change our timing a little bit because of when they positioned their show? Yeah, but we are talking by maybe months or something not speeding up the process in terms of getting it done. We’ve been working on this for a long time. Any other show aside, if they are successful I’m happy for them. And, at the end of the day, it all helps the industry so we just do what we do. And I think we do it better than anyone else on the planet.”

Former WWE writer and MLW’s Court Bauer, said: 

“UK really was an amazing region for pro wrestling and then there was a scorched earth effect for many years and it’s revived itself in more modern times. When you have something as big as WWE hovering over you like a death star, you know, this could go two different ways. Fans might win, but also that might just be a short term position if you look at the large term something like ITV doing World Of Sport truly could really help sustain and stabilise this regeneration of pro-wrestling. So that’s my concern.”

Andy Quildan, founder of Revolution Pro Wrestling in the UK said, on ITV and WWE moving in on the British scene:

“Worrying about what everyone else is doing and trying to get into pretend wrestling wars with people is just ridiculous. The fact of the matter is if WWE want to come over and takeover UK wrestling, they’re going to do it. It is what it is. Let’s continue to do what we do in the highest level possible.

“I can see people’s mentality with ‘they’re trying to take over British wrestling’ and my argument is if you look at for example theatre, look at the West End. How many different theatrical productions are going on in the West End every single night. All at the same time. All competing with one another… I’m not phased by it. It’s a very interesting time and certainly a lot of stuff’s changing but at the same time it’s nice for British wrestling not to be an afterthought for once."

January 17, 2017

William Regal Comments On What Chris Hero’s Return Means To NXT, The Key To Hero Achieving Success With WWE

William Regal recently spoke with Nicolas Atkin for ESPN.com, talking about what Chris Hero’s return to NXT (as Kassius Ohno) means for WWE. You can read a few excerpts below:

William Regal comments on Chris Hero’s return:

“This generation look up to him, so to have him back is great. Now he’s gone away and basically reinvented his style. When you get somebody as good as him and taking notice of him, it’s no different than Bryan. Daniel Bryan influenced a generation, and now Chris is doing it. It’s great to have him back, and I’m happy for him.”

Regal says the key to success for Hero is for him to stay healthy:

“It’s entirely up to him. He’s just got to stay healthy, that’s the No. 1 thing, the hardest thing. It’s the great thing that people have no idea about, because of the way we are now, that injuries stop you doing what you do.”

“Chris needs to take care of his health and make sure he’s doing all of his therapy in his knees and whatever else. If he does that, and he looks after himself, he can go all the way. He’s got the height, he’s incredibly talented, he carries himself well, and talks well. I hope it works out.”

January 16, 2017

WWE UK Championship tournament fueled by trust between Triple H and Regal

At the news conference that took place last month in London to announce this tournament, Levesque quipped to ESPN that Regal knows almost every person in the world who laces up a pair of boots. The bond and the trust between the two men was clear to see when they stepped out in front of the gathered media in a backstage corridor of the Empress Ballroom following the last of Saturday's eight first-round matches.

"It's a weird thing," Regal told ESPN. "Jan. 23 is exactly 24 years since I left to go to America. I debuted on Jan. 25, 1993. Eight months later, he [Levesque] turned up, and we've been together ever since, in one form or another. We've always been close, but we barely talk to each other, as funny as that sounds. He'll just look at me and he knows what I want. We've known each other so long and we've had the same mindset of the way to carry yourself as a professional and the aggression people should have. Everything about it , we saw little things we should tweak.

"It's not hard work. This is a joy every day. The No. 1 motto in talent development, which Triple H runs, is 'make it work.' Whatever the idea is, let's figure it out as best as we possibly can."

Levesque and Regal have collaborated to huge success in WWE, working together on projects such as developmental brand NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic and 205 Live -- all programming shown on the WWE Network.

"When it comes to the talent industry in general globally, there's not an opinion I trust more than the one standing next to me now," Levesque said of Regal. "Whenever these ideas come up, whenever something wacky pops in, he's the guy I call first, and go, 'What do you think about this?' That's the first place it starts. The collaboration with talent and what we're thinking immediately starts here...More?

source: espn.com

September 15, 2016

William Regal Announces the Return of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

During tonight’s WWE NXT TV tapings, William Regal announced the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will return and culminate at NXT Takeover Toronto.

August 22, 2016

Details On WWE’s William Regal Appearing For EVOLVE Scouting Camp

WWN Live issued the following WWN Live Alert that WWE’s William Regal will attend and take part in a wrestler tryout this fall:

August 22nd: ATTN: WRESTLERS– We have huge breaking news! The next WWN Seminar/Tryout for wrestlers will be October 16th in Ybor City, FL at The Orpheum. NXT General Manager William Regal will attend and observe this Seminar/Tryout. Mr. Regal will represent WWE in scouting at this Seminar/Tryout. He will give a lecture on what WWE/NXT is looking for and how they do things. He will also offer critiques and guidance when warranted. This is a very rare and unique learning experience and opportunity. Go here for more info.

April 1, 2016

Top WWE Names at WWN Live Tryout

WWN Live has issued the following:

April 1st: Top WWE Officials William Regal, Matt Bloom and Canyon Cemen made an unprecedented visit at yesterday’s WWN Seminar/Tryout. They each lectured the participants with invaluable knowledge. Regal even got involved with the in ring training. Bloom paid WWN Seminar/Tryout Head Trainer Drew Gulak the ultimate compliment by saying “Drew shows you the WWE way.”

Cemen, Regal and Bloom had a lengthy discussion with WWN’s Sal Hamaoui and Gabe Sapolsky about the future of the relationship. We can reveal now that many exciting and interest possibilities were put on the table. The next few months are going to be very interesting as the relationship moves forward. There is no telling what will happen next. We could see the ramifications as early as this weekend’s EVOLVE and WWN Supershow events.

We would like to thank Mr. Regal, Mr. Bloom and Mr. Cemen for their visit yesterday. This proves that WWE is proactive about strengthening the future of pro wrestling and the independent undercurrent.

Triple H announced on yesterday’s NXT conference call that Zack Sabre Jr. will be in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series. The tests start for Zack Sabre Jr. this weekend with the conclusion of his “Best In The World Series.” It’ll be Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay at today’s EVOLVE 58, vs. Matt Riddle at tomorrow afternoon’s EVOLVE 59 and vs. Chris Hero at tomorrow night’s WWN Supershow. Is Zack Sabre Jr. the new Best In The World? Watch all three matches at www.WWNLive.com on live iPPV to follow Zack’s road to the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series.

March 19, 2016

William Regal announces that qualifying matches for WWE Network's Global Cruiserweight Series will take place on Evolve shows

During his appearance at EVOLVE 56 internet pay-per-view (iPPV), one of Triple H's right-hand men said this:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why I'm here - I'll get to it. In a few months time, the WWE will be holding the Global Cruiserweight Series. 32 of the finest crusierweights from around the world will compete, and I am here tonight because I'm obviously scouting for those competitors. Most importantly, qualifying matches for the Global Cruiserweight Series will be taking place all over the world, but the qualifying matches here in America will be taking place at Evolve. So please, keep an eye out on the website and find out exactly when they are."

March 7, 2016

WWE And NXT ASF 2016 Coverage Day Two: Samoa Joe, Balor, Bayley Steals Gimmick, Q&As, Tryouts, More


* Apollo Crews defeated Tino Sabbotelli.

* Chad Gable defeated Riddick Moss.

* Dan Matha vs. Aiden English kept seeing interference from Simon Gotch, so Dylan Miley ran in. William Regal showed up and made it a tag team match, which Miley and Matha won, to the shock of the crowd. Matha and Miley are really plain, but they're brand new to live events, too.

* Tye Dillinger defeated Kishan Raftar. Dillinger chopped the living hell out of Raftar, who messed up an armdrag. It was surprising to see Raftar, Matha and Miley, because last year most of the talents we saw were almost TV ready.

* Bayley defended the Women's title and beat Nia Jax in an NXT TakeOver London re-match. Eva Marie got beaten up by Bayley after the match. Again, Bayley was over. The barricades were rushed as soon as her music hit. During the match, Bayley grabbed the T-shirt and "10" sign that Dillinger left and totally stole his gimmick.

* Jason Jordan defeated Johnny Gargano with a half nelson suplex. Johnny Gargano was really over, as he's an Ohio guy. These two had a good match.

* Apollo Crews defeated Riddick Moss. This was the kind of match both guys had been having all weekend, which was good for the live crowd.

* Billie Kay defeated Alexa Bliss. Poor Alexa Bliss can't get a win in her own hometown. The crowd always popped for her when she came out, but she'd end up heeling them. I have no idea what the Billie Kay gimmick is, but her entrance theme is pretty cool.

* Chad Gable defeated Scott Dawson with a deadlift German suplex. Their partners were fanning them off with the signature towels before they locked up. A really good match, great chemistry.

* Asuka & Peyton Royce defeated Mandy Rose & Emma via the Asuka Lock. I don't think I saw Mandy Rose really mess up all weekend, which says a lot considering she was on a reality show a few months ago. She's learning quickly by the looks of it.

* Finn Balor and Sami Zayn defeated Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin. All of these guys felt like stars in this. This was an outstanding tag team match, which saw Balor get the pin after a Bloody Sunday on Corbin, following a Helluva kick from Sami Zayn. Much like yesterday, it was really impressive to see.


* Mark Henry said he didn't know what he's doing at WrestleMania, and might jump someone to get involved. He said he wouldn't mind being in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal, and tells a story about Andre picking him up after being pushed down at an event. He singles out Apollo Crews as an NXT talent he'd like to face and says he pushed for him. He called the Mae Young era the most fun in his career and said she was a good kisser, before singling out the Undertaker at WrestleMania 22 as his favorite opponent.

* Sara Del Rey, Matt Bloom and William Regal did a great Q&A. They said that nobody from last year's ASF tryouts was still with WWE, and the ones we see are abbreviated to give us an idea. Sara says that she and Matt are like a brother/sister team, while Regal says he coaches a lot of footwork and evaluates talent. Regal says there's no cutoff for age if someone has a supreme skill set, but for someone new, 30ish is the general range. Sara tells us that in her opinion, Bayley should be the next to go up to the WWE roster, and fans thank and clap for Sara's part in the Diva's revolution. They're asked about ZZ, and they say that he's working hard and getting better. William Regal says that he's hopeful that there will be a new season of Breaking Ground, and that he's very excited for Shinsuke Nakamura. Bloom says he's excited to see him and not get kicked this time. Sara closes by saying she'd love women's tag titles in NXT or the main roster.

Familiar Faces

- We mentioned yesterday that several wrestling personalities were around for the Arnold Classic, and today was no different. Former WCW talent Bill Kazmaier met with fans at the event.

Also, Hardcore legend Sabu was there signing and taking photos.

Other notes

- As was the case yesterday, several talents were signing autographs. While the lines didn't reach anywhere near the length of yesterday's they were still pretty long. Eva Marie was a big hit, and was very personable and friendly, taking pictures with people and adding them to her snapchat. Gable and Jordan are also incredibly friendly with individuals in the crowd.

- During yesterday's match with American Alpha, The Revival and made fun of them, calling them the "American Males."

- Tom Phillips is a pro and seems like he loves his job. Dasha Fuentes is a pretty good ring announcer, and they did a great job hosting today.

- Sunday's crowd was much smaller, much easier to navigate and the like. The place was buzzing about Saturday night's UFC.

- Regarding the tryouts, we saw the same names as yesterday there. If they do well, they're invited to a full tryout at the Performance Center.

- Tommaso Ciampa didn't wrestle, but did sign autographs. He wasn't using crutches, slings, or anything to indicate he was severely injured.

February 29, 2016

William Regal Representing WWE NXT At Upcoming EVOLVE Shows, WWE Rep At WWN Seminar

WWN Live, parent company of EVOLVE, announced the following updates on their working relationship with WWE NXT in these latest alerts:

The relationship between WWE and WWN keeps getting more interesting. We have more mind-blowing developments. Let's get to it....

February 29th: We are very excited to announce that NXT General Manager William Regal is coming to EVOLVE in Queens, NY on March 19th and Brooklyn, NY on March 20th! Regal will be available for pictures and autographs at both events. There will be a fee. We are working out the details and will have info on the next WWN Alerts.

February 29th: William Regal will also be involved with the EVOLVE live events in both Queens and Brooklyn. This will be for the live audience only. We saw Regal interact with EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 54 in Orlando. Regal even played a part in setting up the Thatcher vs. Riddle EVOLVE Title Match set for March 19th. What will happen when Regal returns to EVOLVE?

February 29th: We have some exciting news for wrestlers interested in our Seminar/Tryouts. There will be a WWE representative on hand for part of the WWN Seminar/Tryout on March 31st in Dallas, TX. This has become the opportunity of a lifetime! Go to the DGUSA.tv Seminar/Tryout page for more info. You must fill out an application and be approved to take part. There are still a few spots left in the March 21st Seminar/Tryout in New York, as well.

January 27, 2016

WWN Live Issues Backstage Details on Triple H Appearing at EVOLVE

WWN Live has issued the following:

January 27th: Paul “Triple H” Levesque is always making moves. The night before he won the WWE World Heavyweight Title for the 14th time, he decided to stop by EVOLVE 54. We have the full story on this historic visit. William Regal informed Gabe Sapolsky at about 12:30pm on Saturday that Levesque would stop by EVOLVE 54 that evening. Levesque arrived at 7:57pm, just before the card was set to begin. Sapolsky and WWN CEO Sal Hamaoui greeted him. Levesque positioned himself right in the middle of the locker room and was approachable to all of the roster and staff. He even asked to meet a few particular wrestlers. Levesque and Sapolsky were seen in a lengthy conversation. Levesque then took some time to watch EVOLVE action. The entire experience was very positive for Triple H and EVOLVE. We want to give him our deepest thank you for attending EVOLVE 54. When EVOLVE officials woke up last Saturday they never dreamed that the WWE EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative would attend the event. It ended up being an unprecedented night. We are in uncharted waters and there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this roller coaster ride as we head to EVOLVE back in the Northeast in March and in Dallas on April 1st-3rd.

January 23, 2016

Triple H and More at EVOLVE 54

William Regal and American Alpha, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, are scheduled to appear at EVOLVE 54. Other NXT members have also made their way to the event. Backstage at EVOLVE is Triple H, NXT trainer Robbie Brookside, and NXT superstar Simon Gotch. American Alpha signed items for fans before the show. You can see Triple H’s post below:

January 14, 2016

Triple H Congratulates The WWE NXT Year-End Award Winners With William Regal

The first-ever WWE NXT Year-End Awards were revealed on tonight's episode - Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady as Tag Team of the Year, Bayley as Female Competitor of the Year, Finn Balor as Male Competitor of the Year, Finn Balor as Overall Competitor of the Year, NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn" as Takeover of the Year and Sasha Banks vs. Bayley in Brooklyn as the Match of the Year.

January 11, 2016

WWE Sending Top NXT Tag Team With William Regal To EVOLVE During Royal Rumble Weekend

As noted, WWE NXT General Manager William Regal will be appearing at the January 23rd EVOLVE event in Orlando, Florida during Royal Rumble weekend. This is part of the working relationship between WWE and EVOLVE's parent company WWN Live.

WWN issued the following update and announced that NXT's "American Alpha" Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will also be appearing for a special signing.

In an unprecedented move, William Regal will be at EVOLVE 54 in Orlando, FL on January 23rd. This is the first time someone in Regal's position will appear on an independent wrestling event. He won't just watch the card from the locker room. He is coming for a reason and with a purpose. What will happen in front of the live audience with William Regal? Be there and witness it for yourself.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are officially coming to their first major independent wrestling show. The graphic says it all:

WWE Sending William Regal To EVOLVE

WWE NXT General Manager William Regal has been announced for the January 23rd EVOLVE event in Orlando, Florida during Royal Rumble weekend. This is the latest in the ongoing working relationship between WWE and EVOLVE's parent company WWN Live. They sent Sami Zayn to two shows late last year and allowed EVOLVE flyers for Rumble weekend to be handed out at the recent NXT TV tapings.

January 10, 2016

WWE Coach Robbie Brookside On Getting Hired By WWE, His Relationship With William Regal, More

The latest episode of Chris Jericho's "Talk Is Jericho" podcast features WWE Performance Center coach and wrestling veteran Robbie Brookside, who has been in the business for more than 30 years. The interview was actually recorded at the Performance Center in Orlando. You can listen to the full interview at this link.

Brookside said WWE originally brought him on for a six month trial period but just three months in, he was asked to stay another six months. That extra six months turned into two years. Brookside called working for WWE the greatest thing to happen to him in the last 20 years.

They also discussed WWE NXT General Manager William Regal, who Brookside said he has a lot to thank for. Brookside took Regal under his wing years ago in England and Regal repaid the favor by getting him work in WCW, and later WWE. Brookside said, "Darren, I call him Darren, is my best mate, without a shadow of a doubt. We've always kept in touch over the years through thick and thin. There've been times where he's needed a shoulder to cry on, and for someone to back him up, and I've done the same as well, and he's been there all the way. He's married and he's got three children, and I remember when Daniel was born. I was staying at their house before they were married, we go back that far. He's almost like an uncle, but I'm two or three years older. But I always feel ten years younger."

They also discussed Brookside's early days, his history with Jericho, Kevin Sullivan and more in the full interview.

August 23, 2015

William Regal announces NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament

During the historic NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn broadcast on WWE Network, NXT General Manager William Regal announced that NXT will be paying tribute to the late WWE Hall of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes with a tag team tournament to be held in his honor.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will feature the best of NXT’s past, present and future, duking it out for tag team supremacy, with the finals taking place at the next NXT TakeOver, live on WWE Network on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Rhodes himself was no stranger to tag team competition during his illustrious career. The American Dream was a multiple-time tag team champion, holding titles with the likes of Dick Murdoch, Dick Slater and “Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez. Rhodes and Nikita Koloff also survived through a field of 24 teams to win the 1987 Jim Crockett, Sr. Memorial Cup.

Though he made an incredible impact inside the squared circle, The American Dream made, perhaps, an even greater impact during his time with NXT. Rhodes served as a mentor to the entire NXT roster, helping them to find the Superstar or Diva within. It is because of his profound contributions to the future of WWE that NXT is honoring his legacy with this tournament, ensuring that The American Dream will live on.

August 18, 2015

Jushin 'Thunder' Liger On How His WWE NXT Takeover Appearance Was Signed, Tyler Breeze, More

Enuhito.com has a translation of a recent interview wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger did with the New Japan Pro Wrestling website to promote this Saturday's match against Tyler Breeze at WWE NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn."

Liger revealed that he was at a ROH show last March in Philadelphia, where NXT was running that same week and wanted to go to NXT to see Finn Balor wrestle. He had a NJPW agent contact NXT head coach Matt Bloom, the former Tensai who also wrestled in New Japan. Bloom was able to secure a seat for Liger at the NXT event in Philadelphia and he attended. It was noted that nobody recognized Liger being there because he attended without his mask on.

Liger noted that Balor worked a great match against Neville that night and thanked him for coming afterwards. A few weeks later, William Regal, Bloom and Balor called the NJPW offices and asked for Liger's e-mail address. Liger does not use a computer so NJPW put them in touch with a representative and that's how the Takeover match was made.

Liger confirmed that he's not working under a "double contract" and that his Takeover appearance is a one-time deal. Liger said he does not know much about Tyler Breeze but will be researching him. He seemed impressed when the interviewer mentioned that Breeze was trained by Lance Storm.

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Oderint Dum Metuant: Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear