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August 18, 2015

Jushin 'Thunder' Liger On How His WWE NXT Takeover Appearance Was Signed, Tyler Breeze, More

Enuhito.com has a translation of a recent interview wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger did with the New Japan Pro Wrestling website to promote this Saturday's match against Tyler Breeze at WWE NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn."

Liger revealed that he was at a ROH show last March in Philadelphia, where NXT was running that same week and wanted to go to NXT to see Finn Balor wrestle. He had a NJPW agent contact NXT head coach Matt Bloom, the former Tensai who also wrestled in New Japan. Bloom was able to secure a seat for Liger at the NXT event in Philadelphia and he attended. It was noted that nobody recognized Liger being there because he attended without his mask on.

Liger noted that Balor worked a great match against Neville that night and thanked him for coming afterwards. A few weeks later, William Regal, Bloom and Balor called the NJPW offices and asked for Liger's e-mail address. Liger does not use a computer so NJPW put them in touch with a representative and that's how the Takeover match was made.

Liger confirmed that he's not working under a "double contract" and that his Takeover appearance is a one-time deal. Liger said he does not know much about Tyler Breeze but will be researching him. He seemed impressed when the interviewer mentioned that Breeze was trained by Lance Storm.

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