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June 28, 2015

Two More Big TNA Departures

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell's contracts have both expired this weekend. The two will finish up at Slammiversary tonight.

Terrell joined TNA in 2012 as a referee for the knockouts division before becoming a full-time wrestler for the brand. She's the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history, and is actually still the on-screen champion.

Awesome Kong returned to the company in January after being out of TNA for almost five years. She was fired in 2010 following a physical incident with Bubba the Love Sponge. She spent some time with WWE between TNA stints.

This follows the news that James Storm, Magnus, Low Ki, Austin Aries, Mickie James all left the company, while Gunner and Sam Shaw were released.

At this point the releases are either a work, or the above names will be signing with GFW and the two promotions will be working together. Not sure how TNA can survive with 9 top company talents departing in one week.

February 23, 2013

This Day In Wrestling History

Ring of Honor makes its debut. The show features Low Ki vs. Bryan Daniels vs. Christopher Daniels in the main event.
February 23, 2002

WWE NXT (now called NXT Wrestling) debuted on the SyFy Channel. The episode also doubled as the official WWE debut for Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Darren Young and Michael Tarver.
February 23, 2010

February 23, 2012

This Day in Wrestling History

Ring of Honor makes its debut. The show features Low Ki vs. Bryan Daniels vs. Christopher Daniels in the main event.
February 23, 2002

May 21, 2011

Low Ki Re-Emerges as a Major International Star; Details

"After spending 2 years in The Land of Make Believe, it felt great to be back in the real world, where people can value true skill!"

So said perhaps the most controversial independent wrestler of the past decade, Low Ki, who spent two years in the WWE system as "Kaval."

The globally-respected cruiserweight (or "Junior Heavyweight" in Japan) returned to the spotlight during New Japan Pro Wrestling's Northeast United States Tour last week, where "The World Warrior" scored a major victory by pinning Tiger Mask during a tag team match on the 1st night of the tour.

Ki teamed with former TNA standout Homicide to defeat Tiger Mask and the legendary Jushin "Thunder" Lyger. At the 10:41 mark into the match, Ki pinned Tiger Mask after nailing a picture perfect Ki Crusher.

This, of course, puts him in line for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, which he proudly held as the 55th champion from September 2008 to January 2009. "It's my goal to be champion again," Ki stated this afternoon, "I want to be a champion that goes down in history for bringing the most honor and prestige to the title! It's the champion who makes the championship, not the other way around!"

source: wrestlezone.com

February 23, 2011

This Day in Wrestling History

Ring of Honor makes its debut. The show features a "match of the year" candidate, Low Ki vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels.
February 23, 2002

WWE NXT debuted.
February 23, 2010

January 19, 2011

Kaval Vows 'I Won't Be Forgotten'

Fans of WWE are used to talent releases by now. While some of the releases are obvious, there are others that seem to come out of left field. Like Kaval.

The winner of the second season of NXT, Kaval had fan support and had been given a push by the company. But Kaval, whose real name is Brandon Silvestry and is best known on the indy circuit as Low Ki, states he actually pushed for his release from the company...More?

source: slam wrestling

December 30, 2010

Update on WWE Releasing Kaval

Kaval requested his release from WWE after being frustrated over his position with the company. WWE creative was told to job him out after winning NXT but were then told to build him up for a few weeks for the pay-per-view title match against Dolph Ziggler, which he lost.

Creative was then told to start jobbing Kaval back out again. The story is that after he lost to Drew McIntyre on the December 21st SmackDown, he asked officials if he had any heat and was told no. Kaval then asked if they had any future plans for him and was told they had no plans or ideas for him. He then asked for his release and was granted.

source: wrestling observer newsletter

December 24, 2010

Rumor Mill - Inside Word on WWE Releasing Kaval

WrestleZone has spoken to several close friends of Brandon Silvestry (Kaval/Low Ki) today, and the feelings are as polar opposite as anything we've seen.

"I think he's probably devastated," one wrestler who is friends with Kaval told us, "I haven't spoken to him yet, but I'm sure this caught him off guard, and to get fired just two days before Christmas really sucks!'

However, another wrestler who is known to be friends with Kaval/Low Ki had a totally different story. "Ki (as some friends call him) knew this was coming a few days ago. He didn't get fired today. He finished up like a pro the other night (at the Smackdown tapings), and it was kept under wraps until WWE.com reported it today."

A third friend said, "WWE wasn't for him."

source: wrestlezone.com

Low Ki has already booked his first indy date for March 5th for the Pro Wrestling Syndicate group.

December 23, 2010

Kaval Released

Standard line from wwe.com:

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown Superstar Kaval (Brandon Silvestry) as of today, December 23, 2010. We wish Kaval the best in all future endeavors.

October 17, 2010

Tyler Reks Takes Kaval's Spot on Team SmackDown

August 31, 2010

WWE NXT Results: Kaval Wins Season Two

After the eliminations of Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty, Kaval wins Season Two of WWE NXT. Full results.

June 29, 2010

First NXT Season Two Contestant Eliminated

Tonight on WWE NXT, one of the eight Rookies' road came to an end, as the night of the first Pros' Poll also signaled season two's first surprise elimination.

The WWE Universe and the WWE Pros votes were combined and the results have been tabulated for first NXT Poll. Kaval is ranked No. 1, while Titus O’Neil came in last, ranking at No. 8! With the ranking, O’Neil has been eliminated from the NXT competition. The combined results of the NXT Poll are as follows:

1. Kaval
2. Percy Watson
3. Michael McGillicutty
4. Alex Riley
5. Lucky Cannon
6. Eli Cottonwood
7. Husky Harris
8. Titus O'Neil

source: wwe.com

June 2, 2010

Background Info: NXT Season 2 Rookies: Who Are They?

June 1, 2010

WWE NXT Season Two Rookies & Pro's

WWE NXT Season Two Roster:

Husky Harris (with pro Cody Rhodes)

Eli Cottonwood (with pro John Morrison)

Percy Watson (with pro MVP)

Titus O'Neil (with pro Zack Ryder)

Kaval with pros Michelle McCool & Layla)

Lucky Cannon (with pro Mark Henry)

Michael McGillicutty (with pro Kofi Kingston)

Alex Riley (with pro The Miz)

A change from NXT season one will be the voting process. The Pro's will have 50% of the power in the voting while the WWE Universe will have the other 50%.

May 27, 2010

Wrestling Warrior Kaval Battles in FCW

What you see is exactly what you get with the wrestling warrior Kaval. He is pro wrestler with martial artist tendencies. Kaval is no-nonsense, experienced, tough, and the clean shaven head gives him a more menacing look.

Trained by TNA star Homicide and ECWA's Jim Kettner, Kaval has paid his dues, since debuting in 1998 in the Northeast. He's competed as Low Ki and Senshi (Japanese for warrior) in TNA, Ring of Honor, East Coast Wrestling Association, Jersey All Pro, Pro Wrestling Zero One, Pro Wrestling Noah, New Japan Pro Wrestling, before inking a developmental deal with WWE in 2008.

With a new name, the 5-8, 170-pound Kaval began training at Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's feeder group in Tampa.

``The experience in FCW has been great,'' Kaval said. ``As for me, my beginning, being from the New York area, starting in LIWF, advancing through the ECWA and moving onto doing a lot of things on the indies, going to Japan and TNA, the road has been long for me, but I get here [FCW), and it's another challenge. Kaval, the persona, is similar to Kaval, the person....More?

source: miamiherald.com

February 23, 2010

This Day in Wrestling History

Ring of Honor makes its debut. The show features a "match of the year" candidate, Low Ki vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels.
February 23, 2002

February 16, 2010

Rumor Mill - Talent List for WWE NXT

Dave Scherer is reporting the following names are slated for WWE NXT which debuts next week on SyFy:

* Justin Angel
* Daniel Bryan
* Kaval
* Joe Hennig
* Skip Sheffield
* Brett DiBiase
* Darren Young
* Heath Slater
* Michael Tarver

The above rookies will be paired with a WWE veteran where they will compete to advance as a full-time member of either Raw or Smackdown. They will also be available to make crossover appearances on the main shows while competing. The original concept was to have eight teams but in this report there are nine listed.

February 9, 2010

Bryan Danielson vs. Kaval

 photo i_zps0ebed5ab.jpg
Oderint Dum Metuant: Let Them Hate As Long As They Fear