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July 1, 2016

Adam Rose Talks Wanting To Debut As A Heel In WWE, His WWE Departure

Former WWE star Aldo f.k.a. “Adam” Rose was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. He had much to say about his run with the WWE, and a number a mistakes made by the company regarding his character. Here are some highlights:

Adam Rose talks about rushing his character from NXT to WWE’s main roster:

“We produced him rather quickly on to NXT, and then on to the main roster. I think in NXT the character was closer to what me and Dusty has visioned. And once it got to the main roster, I think it became somebody else’s vision and we unfortunately had went from having sort of an edgy vibe to it, to being Sesame Street. And I said that to Paul (Triple H) directly, that it is Sesame Street, and he said, ‘it’s funny, because you become someone’s interpretation of the character instead of the character that was actually produced.’ So that is how it all broke down. I wish we had stayed in NXT longer. I definitely think it had legs there, and to run some sort of course there. It never actually ran any course in NXT because it was pulled up so quickly. But I think it’s my fault and the WWE’s fault that we were called up that quick because we had all gotten into the same place; either go up or leave, at this point, because I had been in developmental for so long and I’m not getting any younger. I had said directly to [Triple H], either let’s do something or let me go, because I have a family to support, and if I’m not going to go anywhere, than let’s leave it.”

Rose says he was against debuted on WWE’s main roster as a babyface:

“I did a commercial, and once I did the commercial, I realized that we were going down the wrong path. I think on the main stage, it needed to be introduced as a heel, because it was so quirky and so different. I think if it was introduced as a heel, then people wouldn’t have felt forced to love it, and then I felt that they would have naturally fell in love with certain parts of the quirkiness, and it would have naturally evolved to something or someone who people liked. I think that was a big mistake. I think one of the hardest things to do in this industry is to get over as a babyface. Some people have a natural connection with the audience. [Someone] like Sami Zayn has a natural connection with the audience. I don’t think Adam Rose had any with the audience because he was completely quirky and over-the-top and ridiculous. And I think that’s why it would have been better introduced as a heel because your automatic reaction to seeing someone like that is not to like it.”

June 14, 2016

Update On Adam Rose's Domestic Violence Case

Adam Rose's legal troubles are behind him -- for the time being at least.

TMZ Sports has reported that prosecutors have opted to drop the domestic violence case against the former WWE Superstar. Rose and his wife will be getting professional help in order to help out with their marriage.

Rose was arrested last month when he allegedly grabbed his wife by the face, and pulled the phone away from her as she tried to call 911. Later in court, Rose's wife asked the judge to take it easy on him and that he'd been undergoing counseling.

May 23, 2016

WWE Releases Adam Rose

WWE has granted Adam Rose’s request to be released, as of today, May 23, 2016. WWE wishes Rose the best in all his future endeavors.

May 16, 2016

Adam Rose’s Next Court Date

According to Pwinsider.com, Ray Leppan (WWE’s Adam Rose) is scheduled to appear before the Hillsborough County Court in Florida on June 7th. This is for last week’s arrest for domestic battery and tampering with a witness. Leppan is suspended indefinitely by WWE while the legal process plays out.

May 12, 2016

Adam Rose Faces the Judge...Wife Begs For Mercy

Shackled and sporting an orange jail jumpsuit, WWE superstar Adam Rose appeared in Florida court Thursday in his domestic violence case ... where his wife begged the judge to cut the guy a break.

Rose was arrested Wednesday morning after allegedly roughing up his wife -- and then smacking the phone away from her when she called 911. He's been charged with battery and tampering with a witness.

The judge wanted to hit Rose with a restraining order -- barring him from contact with his wife. But shockingly, she begged the court to reconsider ... because she wants him to come home.

During the hearing, Rose's wife said they have a special needs child who needs both parents.

Rose's lawyer also argued Rose's actions were "not aggressive or painful" but rather "more of a passionate, 'Hey, let's talk about this.'"

The judge mentioned a PREVIOUS domestic violence incident in March -- and expressed concern about a pattern of abusive behavior. But in the end, Rose's wife got her wish ... and the judge held off on the restraining order.

The judge also set a low bond -- $1,000 -- which means Rose will probably be out of custody by the end of the day. He's been ordered to see his pastor for counseling once a week until his next court date in June.

Click here for the video.

source: tmz.com

Adam Rose was released from the Hillsborough County, Florida jail at 4:10pm EST today.

May 11, 2016

Adam Rose Suspended Indefinitely Following Arrest

Adam Rose has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and felony tampering with a witness earlier today in Hillsborough County, Florida. Rose grabbed his wife's face during an argument, while screaming at her, and admitted to taking the phone from her when she went to call 911.

Rose was already serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of the WWE Wellness policy and if he's convicted of these new charges, his contract will automatically be terminated.

May 3, 2016

Adam Rose Provides A Doctor's Note To Prove He Is In Compliance With WWE's Wellness Policy

April 20, 2016

Adam Rose Statement On His WWE Suspension

As noted, Adam Rose was suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, along with Konnor. He posted the following on Twitter today:

I was not going to respond to my suspension but I feel I have to. I have two sons that will one day read that news about there daddy and a sister that died from complications related to a life long battle with heroin.

So I feel the absolute need and right to respond and let the truth be known.

I am pretty sure this response will meet nowhere near the publicity that my suspension did and that this response is tantamount to career suicide.
But I feel for my sons my sister and rest of my family... you the Wwe universe have the right to the know the truth over my suspension and what it was for.

I will also quote my Dr in my response as he was as shocked and appalled by this suspension.

I can say right now I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my Dr and I followed all the correct protocol on.

My actual response and Doctors response will be coming soon. So before you judge, know the facts.

My family and I are still collecting ourselves from this blow. I have zero anger or animosity against the WWE. But feel the administrators over the WWE Welnness policy were just simply not right in taking this action.

But I feel facts are the facts and my family and I will will be the ones putting our lives back together after this mess.

My response will be up soon along with my Doctors.

April 16, 2016

WWE Suspends Two Talents for Wellness Policy Violations

WWE has announced the following:

WWE suspends Raymond Leppan and Ryan Parmeter

STAMFORD, Conn. – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, WWE has suspended Raymond Leppan (Adam Rose) and Ryan Parmeter (Konnor) each for 60 days effective immediately for a second violation of the company’s policy

January 5, 2016

New WWE Stable Put Together

It looks like WWE formed the 2016 version of The JOB Squad on tonight's RAW. Heath Slater formed his new "Social Outcasts" stable with Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose, after they helped Slater defeat Dolph Ziggler.

October 18, 2015

Adam Rose and Colin Cassady Injured

It appeared Adam Rose might have suffered a concussion during his match last night in Mexico, as his bout against Fandango was stopped and Rose had to be stretchered out. F4WOnline.com is reporting Rose “got his bell rung” but is fine, and Rose himself confirmed he is ok as he Tweeted the following:

"I am fine. Thanks for all the support and concern."

Colin Cassady appeared at last night's meet & greet before the WWE NXT live event in Tampa and was walking on crutches. This indicates that the injury shot with Cassady for the October 28th NXT episode was not just an angle.

July 29, 2015

Total Divas Recap 07/28/15

July 1, 2015

Rolling Stone Releases Their WWE "Best of the Rest of the Half-Year" Awards, Praise for Kevin Owens

Rolling Stone has announced their WWE "Best of the Rest of the Half-Year" awards at this link. They named NXT Champion Kevin Owens as the WWE Wrestler of the Year, so far. They wrote:

"In a matter of months, the father of two from Marieville, Quebec has not only stared down his potential but surpassed it, becoming a lynchpin of two promotions and building a character inspired by everything it took to get him to this point. Love him or hate him, you can't deny his impact on the first six months of 2015 – or wonder how high he'll climb by year's end. It's wrestling, folks. It's Kevin Owens."

May 11, 2015

Adam Rose’s inspirational story: From the streets to WWE

May 6, 2015

ESPN E:60 WWE "Behind the Curtain" Recap

July 26, 2014

Adam Rose Talks Best Advice He's Received From Triple H, His Character In The Title Picture

Chuck Carroll interviewed Adam Rose for CBS. During the interview, Rose credited Triple H with giving him the best advice he's ever received in the business.

"This is a marathon not a sprint. And legends are made through the marathon," he was told.

Rose also hinted that his character will be featured in WWE 2K15 and that he'll be involved at SummerSlam. He was also asked whether he thought there was room for "fun" characters such as his in the title picture when the top guys are often a little more straight-laced.

"I think that either way this could happen down the line," Rose replied. " I don't like the fact we box ourselves in all the time. Everyone is always boxing themselves in to their boxes and saying 'Oh, this is how things are traditionally done.' And yeah, there's a box for that and a box for this. Everything is a mold and molds are made to be broken. I think it's just a matter of having a little open-minded thinking as to what the future holds as to where Adam Rose actually fits."

Rose also discussed whether he actually travels in the Exotic Express, how he'd like to evolve his character, differences between wrestling in NXT and WWE, Sting wrestling in WWE and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

July 12, 2014

Triple H Talks About the Process Behind Adam Rose's Character, Rose on "Becoming Himself"

The Miami Herald recently spoke with the former Leo Kruger, now known as WWE's Adam Rose, to promote the July 21st RAW in Miami. Some of the interview was in-character but he commented on how similar he is to the Rose character:

"I don’t think there’s much of a difference between Adam Rose and myself. I think people around me know that. I think a lot of people who know me and saw Adam Rose for the first time are like, ‘Oh wow, you finally became yourself.’ Just be yourself, basically."

Triple H also commented on Rose:

“There’s all these pieces to the puzzle. Your entrance. Your music. Your presentation. What you’re wearing. All those things are components to making a star. If you’re writing the movie, ‘Rocky,’ a big part of that movie is Apollo Creed coming to the ring dressed as Uncle Sam and throwing the money. It’s part of the pageantry. You’re writing a TV show and a movie, and that’s how you create characters. In the past, we’d give a guy some music, and he goes to the ring. ‘What are you going to do when you come out? I don’t know. I’ll wave to the crowd and go up in the corner and put my hands up.’ That was just what you did. You just figure it out over time."

"Now, with the beauty of the [WWE] Performance Center [the state-of-the-art all-purpose training ground for WWE hopefuls], we can step back prior to all that stuff and try to get these guys to a place where a lot of those kinks and things are worked out, so we’re not waiting six months to see that this guy now has a pretty cool entrance. It’s coming out the shoot when he first appears on Raw or SmackDown. He’s already got something really cool. Now, how can we make it even cooler. How can we make it more epic and more big main stage, and how can we make that more worthy of Raw or SmackDown. That’s all part of the process."

June 15, 2014

Triple H vs. WWE director Kevin Dunn - battling over what's Best For Business

Is WWE director Kevin Dunn intentionally sabotaging Triple H, the NXT brand and their former wrestlers? Evidence is mounting up.

A few days ago my colleague Geno Mrosko reported that Vince McMahon wasn't high on the recent NXT call ups of Adam Rose, Paige and Bo Dallas, but perhaps the more interesting part of the story is the current jockeying for power between Triple H and Kevin Dunn.

For those that aren't familiar with him, Dunn is WWE's highly paid Executive Vice President of Television Production and has been one of the company's top producers since 1984, but he's been much criticized by wrestling traditionalists like Jim Cornette and the late Paul Bearer for his lack of appreciation of the art form's history and being obsessed with aesthetics over substance. He's been a confidante of Vince McMahon's for well over 15 years and has seen his influence grow, as one by one, the men Vince surrounded himself with in the 80s and the 90s all either left of their own accord or were forced out after falling out with him.

However, after surviving for so long, being someone who Vince clearly trusts the opinion of and there being no sign that he wants to downsize his duties, it seems clear that his job is safe while the old man stays in charge. Conversely, it's clear that his days would be numbered as soon as the WWE leadership baton is passed on to Vince's handpicked successor Triple H. When Paul Levesque became EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative, he immediately got rid of the executive old guard like John Laurinaitis (whose abilities he didn't rate) and replaced them with his own hires like Jane Geddes and Canyon Ceyman. Everyone predicts that trend will continue as Levesque get more control of the company. Indeed, NXT is the training ground for the next generation of WWE technicians, script writers and TV producers, which shows that The Cerebral Assassin is already preparing for the day he gets complete command.

Thus, Dunn's position depends on trying to ensure that Vince hangs around for as long as possible, which would require him to plant seeds of doubt in Vince's head that Hunter is ready for the responsibility of being in charge of the day to day running of his company. Given his reputation of being insecure and petty, he's not above playing dirty if he has to. Clearly he wouldn't have lasted to this very day, if he wasn't a master of the dark arts of wrestling politics.

There's been online rumors that resentment between Triple H and Kevin Dunn has reached an all time high of late. Apparently, Hunter was outraged that Dunn and his crew somehow missed the shot of The Shield standing tall over his fallen body at the end of the Payback pay-per-view earlier this month. Then came the word that Dunn had successfully buried Adam Rose to Vince and the implication was that he was trying to do the same with Paige and Bo Dallas, but hadn't been quite as convincing in that regard. The obvious conclusion to come to is that Dunn is intentionally trying to sabotage Hunter's NXT brand and is also trying to call into question his talent grooming and judging skills for the main WWE roster, so that he can curry greater favor with the boss.

Kevin Dunn may have won this battle, but this will be a war that only The Game can win.

At a time when the WWE Network needs all the help it can get, this infighting is the last thing the company needs, especially as NXT should be promoted on WWE programming as something worth subscribing to the channel for, a unique opportunity to see tomorrow's WWE Superstars today. Lets hope the heat dies down and they can start working together more harmoniously. That's what's would really be Best For Business!

source: cagesideseats.com

April 10, 2014

Rumor Mill - More NXT Stars Getting Called Up

After Bo Dallas and Adam Rose come up to WWE's main roster, the next NXT stars in line to come up are Sami Zayn and NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension.

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