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November 19, 2009

Mark Cuban: I Can Take Vince McMahon

"Vince and I are friends. I love him and his approach to life," Cuban said. "He has about 50 pounds on me, but I think I could hold my own."...More?

source: espn.go.com

November 18, 2009

WWE Reveals the Next Four Hosts of Raw

Jesse Ventura hosts Monday's three-hour Raw in Hershey, PA

Actor Verne Troyer hosts the Nov. 30 show in Baltimore, MD

NBA owner Mark Cuban hosts the Dec. 7 show in Dallas, TX

Comedian Dennis Miller hosts the Dec. 14 show in Corpus Christi, TX

November 17, 2008

Mavericks owner accused of insider trading

Federal regulators on Monday charged Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban with insider trading for allegedly using confidential information on a stock sale to avoid more than $750,000 in losses...More?
source: msnbc.msn.com

February 15, 2008

Cuban's HDNet Fights Enters Couture-UFC War

With the mixed martial arts industry focused on the Zuffa v. Couture proceedings scheduled to begin with a preliminary hearing March 4 in Las Vegas, billionaire Mark Cuban and his HDNet Fights company has quietly entered the fray, opening a second front in the Couture-UFC war, Sherdog.com has learned.

On Wednesday, in district court in Dallas, HDNet Fights filed suit against Zuffa seeking a declaratory judgment concerning the contractual status of Couture under his Zuffa promotional contract. In an ironic twist, Zuffa's co-defendant in the suit is technically none other than Couture himself...More?

source: sherdog.com

December 23, 2007

Cuban says Mayweather interested in MMA

Here’s a snip from Cuban:

“Floyd is considering fighting with HDNet Fights. We are going to let him visit some gyms to talk to some folks about what it would take to learn. He knows it won’t be easy. But he is getting involved with MMA and HDNet Fights one way or another. He is pumped about it. He wants to go on to the next big thing. Floyd is a brilliant marketer. He follows the money.” ...More?

source: mmamania.com

October 11, 2007

SI.com Picks a Fight, Sort Of, With Mark Cuban Over His New MMA Show

Mark Cuban took a break from dodging another bullet on Dancing With the Stars to speak with SI.com’s Luke O’Brien about the Benefactor’s new mixed martial show on HDNet. O’Brien, a former columnist for the Village Voice Media chain, wrote a great piece on MMA earlier this year for Washington Post Magazine. If you’re a fan of the sport, check it out.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview are the questions Cuban refused to answer, specifically questions about steroids and rumored discussions he’s had with Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment about co-promotions...More?

source: blogs.dallasobserver.com

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