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August 22, 2016

Details On WWE’s William Regal Appearing For EVOLVE Scouting Camp

WWN Live issued the following WWN Live Alert that WWE’s William Regal will attend and take part in a wrestler tryout this fall:

August 22nd: ATTN: WRESTLERS– We have huge breaking news! The next WWN Seminar/Tryout for wrestlers will be October 16th in Ybor City, FL at The Orpheum. NXT General Manager William Regal will attend and observe this Seminar/Tryout. Mr. Regal will represent WWE in scouting at this Seminar/Tryout. He will give a lecture on what WWE/NXT is looking for and how they do things. He will also offer critiques and guidance when warranted. This is a very rare and unique learning experience and opportunity. Go here for more info.

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