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November 23, 2013

In Defense Of Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling is perhaps the most polarizing form of entertainment known to man. It's a TV show, yet people have been known to hide their fandom like an alcoholic hides his flask. Sadly, many fans are embarrassed to be identified as such, afraid that someone will blindly, arrogantly dismiss the medium as "stupid" or "for children."

Before I go on, let me address wrestling's most time-honored criticism.

"It's fake!"

Yes, yes it is. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence is well aware that the outcome of any wrestling show is predetermined. But guess what? The same can be said for each episode of "Modern Family," "Homeland" or "Rizzoli & F*cking Isles." Professional wrestling is a scripted athletic sideshow that, at its best, is a gripping, dramatic and often hilarious broadcast.

Is it always good? Hell no. On the last "Monday Night Raw," while the awesome main event featured modern day standouts like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, it also featured a segment that was, well, an in-ring game of musical chairs. Gripping? Dramatic? More like dogsh*t. Sadly, WWE often presents segments would make an existing fan bury their head in the sand, and that could in no way convert a detractor.

But I, as a true fan, never throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater...More?

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