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December 10, 2013

More Backstage News on Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, Their Current WWE Tryout

As noted, Davey Richards is done with Ring of Honor and will not be having a farewell this month. Richards and partner Eddie Edwards are still under a trial period with WWE developmental and are expected to work the next two sets of NXT TV tapings. Their debut match came against The Ascension last month and may or may not air on the December 18th episode.

WWE had insisted that both Edwards and Richards finish up with ROH, even though they aren't under a WWE deal yet. ROH was willing to continue using them, even having them do an angle where them being on NXT would be part of the storyline in ROH. However, WWE was insistent that while they could finish their commitments to ROH, which were through the end of this year, they couldn't extend those commitments because WWE wanted them on nothing that would air while they were being used on NXT TV.

It's sort of a bad situation for Edwards and Richards because while they're not making big money with the tryout, it's costing them both payoffs for shows until WWE decides if they will be signed or not.

After their appearances at the next two sets of NXT TV tapings, the belief is they will have either convinced Triple H to sign them or the tryout will be over.


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