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December 1, 2013

More on Davey Richards' Status, Did WWE Tryout Play a Role In His Ring of Honor Departure

As noted, top WWE prospect Davey Richards announced on Facebook that he is done with Ring of Honor and will not be appearing at their December 14th Final Battle event. Word is that the WWE tryout that Richards and partner Eddie Edwards recently participated in has nothing to do with the ROH departure. Edwards is still booked for the event.

The statement from Richards on Facebook was something done on his own and not part of a planned ROH angle. Richards was removed from the last set of ROH shows in Ohio and Michigan after company officials were upset about comments he made in the UK's Total Wrestling Magazine about how the ROH titles were not as important as they once were. Richards was able to get himself back on the dates and made it a point to say in front of the locker room that his comments in the magazine were incorrect and taken out of context.

Richards tweeted this afternoon, making it clear that WWE did not have anything to do with his removal from Final Battle:

"To clarify, it was ROH offices decision to not have me at Finall Battle. Not mine or any other company's."


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