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December 9, 2013

Rumor Mill - Why WWE is Unifying the Titles at TLC

WrestleZone has learned from a source within WWE that the original plan for the WWE TLC pay-per-view was NOT to unify the WWE and World Championships.

According to two different sources who participate in WWE production meetings, the original plan went out the window in the past 10 days, with the opinion being expressed to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that WWE is better off both in terms of positioning programming in 2014 and even on live events with only one recognized top champion.

WZ has also learned both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had expressed their opinions "to the troops" that WWE was better off with one champion. So, unless they are misleading the writers and producers, which we doubt, apparently WWE is intent on crowning one champion this Sunday at TLC.


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