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December 10, 2013

What Happened After Raw Went Off The Air?

After HHH performed the Pedigree on Orton, the ring cleared leaving HHH, Steph, Kane, and Cena standing together looking at Orton. The three Authority figures then left and Cena called for a mic, getting a pop for mentioning Seahawk football before challenging Orton to a dark match main event. Both titles were hanging over the ring for the short match, which saw Orton get disqualified for using a chair. Cena recovered and performed an AA on Orton, then called for the mic again.

Cena requested Daniel Bryan come out, and after a short exchange about being near Bryan's hometown called for a Daniel-roonie. Booker T came out, and as he was walking to the ring the Wyatt family got out from where they were hiding under the ring and sprinted up the ramp to the back, getting a long laugh from the crowd. Cena claimed he was seeing things and blamed it on our coffee. Once Booker was in the ring, Bryan and Cena each did weak versions of the Spinaroonie, playing to the crowd. Booker called out John Laurinaitis, Titus O'Neill, Stephanie McMahon (!), and finally CM Punk in turn and each also did a Spinaroonie. Punk came out barefoot in a hoodie and briefs, not even his ring trunks. After Punk's spin, he went and hugged Steph. Booker thanked the crowd for our attendance and the show ended at about 8:45pm local.

source: wrestlezone.com


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