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December 17, 2013

WWE Diva Natalya Comments on Stephanie McMahon, Total Divas and Women “Taking Over” the Professional Wrestling World

WWE Divas Natalya was interviewed by the Miami Herald in a continuation on their series about women's wrestling, and the former Divas champ had some kind words to say about WWE executive Stephanie McMahon.

“In WWE, Stephanie McMahon, I would vote for her to be President of the United States. She is beautiful, intimidating and endearing, all at the same time. Women are taking over in WWE. People look at WWE and think it’s very male dominated, but really it’s not. There’s a nice blend and balance of women who are involved in WWE. You look at Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee and this cast on ‘Total Divas.’ People are going, ‘Wow, I love watching Natalya on Total Divas. Oh my gosh. Did you see what the Bellas did?’ People are getting hooked on watching us.”

Natalya also answered questions on whether or not she would join the ranks of Sara del Rey, training WWE's future Divas in NXT and at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL.

“Although, I do really enjoy working with new talent, women and men, and I love training people. I think training people makes you better at your craft, but I don’t know. It will just depend on the situation, and if the right opportunity presents itself, but I can’t say what my future holds.”

Total Divas had its last episode of season one this Sunday, and a second season has been announced for March 2014.


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