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December 4, 2013

WWE Is Hosting A 2014 CES Event

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which in recent years has been pursuing technology and social media like never before, is planning some type of event at 2014 International CES, according to a “save the date” that went out to the media Tuesday night.

The invite, featuring the WWE logo, touts an “exclusive event,” hosted by WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, which is set to take place Wednesday night, Jan. 8, at the Wynn Las Vegas, during the 2014 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show.)
It’s unclear if McMahon will be announcing some type of product or initiative at the annual electronics confab, although presumably some wrestling superstars will be present.

WWE has not had any type of major presence at CES in the last several years, although then-WWE superstar The Rock was on hand to help Bill Gates unveil the original Xbox, at CES back in 2001. And of course, WWE has held many memorable events in Las Vegas over the years, including Wrestlemania IX at Caesar’s Palace, in 1993.


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