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January 11, 2014

Business world makes it clear how they feel about WWE Network

Equities research fund, National Alliance Securities, upgraded their position on WWE stock from "hold" to "buy" on Friday.

Reflecting how bullish the market is on WWE's business, N.A.S. is projecting a target stock price of $20.46. If WWE reaches the $20-level, it would be the highest stock price in 13 years dating back to February 2001 - the peak of the Attitude Era leading into WrestleMania 17.

Looking at this week, WWE shares gained 8.3 percent from Monday's open to Friday's high point.

- Mon., Jan. 6 - opened at $15.90 per share

- Wed., Jan. 8 - dipped to $15.55 per share pre-Network announcement

- Thurs., Jan. 9 - high point of $16.90 per share

- Fri., Jan. 10 - reached 52-week high of $17.22 per share closing at $17.03


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