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January 28, 2014

Sting-WWE Update

WWE has entered negotiations with former NWA, WCW and TNA champion Sting, the rare legitimate international star that never, ever worked for WWE over the course of his career.

We are told by a source close to Sting that discussions just opened up and that within the next several weeks, one way or another, they will be completed.

WWE has come close to signing Sting at several different points following the demise of World Championship Wrestling in March 2001. Sting has noted in past interviews with us that a big reason he didn't sign back then was concern over the WWE product at the time, since it was far racier than he was personally comfortable with as a Christian. Obviously, that would no longer be a factor.

The belief of those we've spoken to is that if the two sides come to terms, he would not be rushed into a Wrestlemania match this year, but that was not 100%.

With the advent of the WWE Network, Sting would be a great signing if for no other reason then to be the WCW representation in the company. He was the last true blue WCW star and was never considered a "WWE" guy, so who better to use to promote to lapsed WCW fans that they can now watch older PPVs and other WCW-related material?

Sting has also noted in past interviews with PWInsider.com that he would not be adverse to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, despite his career being WCW-centric. Obviously, WWE would love to market and monetize Sting merchandise, DVDs, etc. if a deal is made. They have had interest in the past in releasing Sting DVDs and held off only because he was appearing on national TV for TNA and they didn't want there to be confusion in the marketplace.

source: pwinsider.com


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