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January 30, 2014

The WWE Network's Secret Weapon Suplex

When the WWE announced that it was creating its own digital network—and possibly charting a course for the future of television in the process—it was rightly received here and elsewhere as a Big Deal. But what didn't receive quite as much fanfare was Vince McMahon's secret weapon: A second screen experience that's both beloved and highly evolved.

Here's what we know about the WWE Network: It's for superfans. Or rather, it represents an insane value to people who consider themselves anything above a casual wrasslin fan. Remember, for just 10 bucks a month, you get access to 12 pay per views that normally cost around $55 a pop. For the right person, it's an outright steal. But outside of that fan base, it's a tough sell.

Here's what we don't know about the WWE Network: If there are enough of those people (a million, by WWE's own estimates) to make it sustainable. But today, we get our best hint yet that there are at least that many diehards ready to open up their homes to an endless stream of suplexes.

The WWE app, a second-screen experience that gives viewers access to bonus content, social feeds, notifications, and more, has officially been downloaded 10 million times. That's 10 million fans passionate enough to want an app that gives them the kind of immersive experience that would seem, frankly, a little unhinged to a casual fan. If just one out of 10 of those 10 million clicks "subscribe," the WWE Network is a hit...More?

source: gizmodo.com


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