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January 25, 2014

TNA Announces Return to Universal Studios For Post-Lockdown TV Tapings, PPV Event Added

TNA has announced that it will be returning to Universal Studios in Florida for TV tapings after the Lockdown PPV in March. The calendar of tapings includes a PPV event, however it's unknown which PPV it will be, although it appears as if it might be a live event as the night before a One Night Only event is being taped, and April 27th is a Sunday night.

TNA has also said it wlll be releasing more news regarding its relationship with Universal Studios in the near future.

Below is the schedule:

MARCH 14 – IMPACT Taping
MARCH 15 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 11 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 12 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 26 – One Night Only Taping
APRIL 27 – TNA Pay-Per-View Event
APRIL 28 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 29 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 7 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 8 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 9 – IMPACT Taping


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