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February 26, 2014

HHH Conducts NXT Arrival & Performance Center Conference Call: Praises Cesaro/Zayn, Talks Arrival Special Details, How Developmental Works, What Happens When Vince is Done?, The Future of NXT & How Developmental Has Changed with the Launch of the Performance Center, More

Triple H conducted a conference call this afternoon regarding the WWE NXT Arrival special airing live on the WWE Network tomorrow, and he also discussed the latest news regarding the WWE Performance Center. The following are conference call highlights:

Triple H opened the call stating that it's a great time to be a WWE fan with the Network launch, and with the NXT Arrival special tomorrow it's a great time to be a "wrestling" fan, as taboo of a word as that might be.

HHH recalled sitting on a plane with Hulk Hogan the other night and catching up on memories of the past 30 years in WWE. He said it's amazing that 30 years later WWE is once again rolling the dice with The WWE Network.

Tomorrow's NXT Arrival special will air completely live on the Network at 8pm EST, with a pre-show taking place at 7:30pm consisting of a panel including Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Paul Heyman. HHH noted that he wanted legendary personalities to appear on the panel who are critical of pro wrestling and will offer their opinions of NXT from the heart, as opposed to what someone is telling them to say.

In terms of up and coming talent and the Arrival special tomorrow night, HHH praised Cesaro as an up and comer, and he's a name that fans can expect to see "explode." HHH also put over NXT star Sami Zayn (who Cesaro will be facing tomorrow night), and noted Zayn's rich history in pro wrestling.

As far as the NXT product is concerned, Triple H said that in general he likes to keep NXT simpler and more pure, focusing more on the in-ring aspect of the show.

The conference call was then opened up for a Q&A session. Click here are some of those highlights.


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