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February 11, 2014

Roman Reigns Talks Working With The Rock, Triple H, How He's Related To Rock And Usos

Reigns was asked about The Shield hitting The Rock with a triple power bomb through a table at last year's Royal Rumble. Reigns said that it was cool, even though it was in the dark (the lights went out for the attack). He called the Rock "a really cool dude" and said that he enjoyed hanging out with him earlier in the day before the show.

Reigns was asked about people thinking that he's the next big thing. Reigns said his goal it to be the top guy, and that should be everybody's. He said that everybody in The Shield wants to be the top guy, and noted how close they have all become. He said that they are always going to be a good team.

He credited Triple H for giving him a lot of advice, and called him a great resource. He also named Road Dogg, Michael Hayes and Jamie Noble as guys who have helped him. He said that the one person who has helped him the most is Joey Mercury, and that he's a "great help" anytime he's around.

Reigns was asked about his family and he said that he learns a lot from them. He noted that he's been close with The Usos since he was four years old. He was asked how he's related to some of the other members of his legendary family, and he replied:

Rikishi: First cousin.

The Usos: Second cousins.

The Rock Second cousin.

Umaga: First cousin.

Yokozuna: First cousin.


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