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March 26, 2014

Associate Professors Conduct Study on Female Characters in WWE

According to The Wrestling Observer, University of Windsor Associate Professors Betty Barrett and Dana Levin conducted a study on how female characters are portrayed in WWE, following Linda McMahon's claims that WWE had "cleaned up" its product and made it more family friendly by making it TV PG.

The study concluded that McMahon was not telling the truth when she made the claim, as Barrett told The Windsor Star WWE continues to portray women in relationships as inferior to men, as psychos, gold diggers, cougars or vengeful scorned crazies.

Barrett admitted that she is a wrestling fan, and she also admitted that male characters in WWE aren't portrayed all that well either. But she said that even though WWE portrays females as they do, the characters work.

The difference, however, is that other TV shows which portray women similarly to WWE do not aim their product at younger kids. Adults know what's real and what is not, but with children, often times they're more unsure as to what is and is not real in the world of WWE.


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