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March 10, 2014

Fandango Talks About Concussions In Sports and Praises Chris Nowinski for His Work

A week after Chris Nowinski said kids in the UK aren't taught enough about head injuries, Fandango talked to The BBC about suffering a concussion and how well WWE treated him. Fandango said Nowinski's concussion work is ""really beneficial." He said:

"A lot more research is going into them [concussions] now, where they're impact testing. Ten years ago people didn't know a lot about concussions. Chris [Nowinski]'s organisation is really diving in to that and really figuring out the impacts of these concussions and what they're doing to these athletes and performers."

"Knowledge is power and the more power you have, you're going to live a better life. With Chris spearheading a big campaign into research on concussions, it's really beneficial, not only to professional wrestlers but hockey players, NFL, rugby [and] football. The more we know about concussion and the more we can do to prevent coming back too early from a concussion, it's vital for the future of our performers and athletes."


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