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March 15, 2014

WWE's Statement on Work Being Done to Make Sure WrestleMania Streams with No Issues

The Motley Fool website has a new article up looking at if the WWE Network will be able to handle the large amount of viewers tuning in for WrestleMania XXX live on April 6th. The article notes that WWE is taking the right steps and saying the right things about their efforts to make sure WrestleMania streams without problems but they're going into uncharted territory.

WWE issued the following statement to the website:

"Notwithstanding the overwhelmingly positive response to WWE Network, we want to ensure subscribers have the highest-quality experience watching WrestleMania 30 and all our programming, and thus have put in place significant quality assurances. These steps include increased capacity to handle high volumes of transactions, logins, and concurrent live streams, daily 'stress' testing of all systems over an extended period, and the addition of technology experts to review our plan and procedures. We're confident that we'll be ready on Sunday, April 6."


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