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April 24, 2014

DDP Says He Was Setup By Nancy Grace, Reveals What He Was Told the Show Would Focus On Before He Went On the Air

Diamond Dallas Page recently appeared on The Undisputed Wrestling Show and he spoke on a number of topics, including DDP Yoga and his now infamous interview with Nancy Grace.

The following are some highlights:

On Nancy Grace:

"First of all, I wanted to leave. Oh my god, this woman was so nice to me when I walked in there. Once she started hitting me with that deal, I got scared. I go 'Oh my god, she set me up, so should I get up and walk away? How is that going to make the business look?' I breathed, I focused on breathing.

"The only thing I could think of at that time was that WWE has the best wellness program, better than the NBA, NFL, MLB, so I think that is fighting for the company. I thought about firing back at her (Nancy Grace), but it was a really weird situation. I can't put that b—h over. I can't talk about her anymore, I want to strangle her. The last thing I want to be is in that position. The way it was told to me is that I saw four questions. I said 'I don't know about this' and Nancy Grace said 'No, it's gonna be a feel good piece.' When I walked in there, she was so sweet to me. She totally set me up."

On the graphic shown by Grace of wrestlers who died young:

"I never saw that! That totally blindsided me. I will never do that b—h's show again, I can guarantee you that!"


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