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April 1, 2014

Lanny Poffo Talks Bad Blood Between Vince McMahon and Randy Savage, Possible HOF Induction

The Tampa Tribune has a new article up looking at the much-speculated on relationship between WWE and Randy Savage before his death and why he hasn't been inducted into the Hall of Fame yet.

Savage's brother Lanny Poffo says it's because of bad blood between Savage and Vince McMahon. The Tribune sent a list of Poffo's claims to WWE but they declined comment. “I cannot prove a thing,” Poffo said. “You can take my word for it or not.”

Poffo says the feud between Savage and Vince began in 1987 when WWE held an "old timers" event and did not include Savage's father Angelo Poffo. Savage reportedly asked Vince if his father could participate but Poffo says he was told no. “Randy didn’t ever forgot that,” Poffo said. “My father deserved to be in that match.”

Poffo then says Savage was offended when Vince felt Savage's best years were behind him and pulled him from the ring to put him on commentary. “He thought he still had a lot of good years in the ring left in him,” Poffo said. Savage was also bothered by the skits that WWE did with The Nacho Man. Poffo says he wasn't too offended by the skits until he saw one that insinuated Miss Elizabeth fooled around with Hulk Hogan.

His brother says Savage never forgave WWE for the tasteless skit and went online to make a video with some negative comments about Stephanie McMahon in the early 2000's. “I’m sure the video angered McMahon,” Poffo said. Vince reportedly contacted Savage with an offer to induct him into the Hall of Fame in 2010 but Savage would only accept it if his father and brother were inducted alongside him but WWE declined. “He wanted the Poffo family to go in,” Poffo said. “He knew it would mean a lot to my dad.”

Shortly after WWE declined to induct the family, Savage's father passed away. Poffo said WWE never called to offer condolences. “It was about respect to our family. Randy was furious,” said Poffo. “He told me if anything ever happened to him, he should not be put into the Hall of Fame unless it was as the Poffo family.”

Savage died unexpectedly one year later. Poffo says WWE never offered personal condolences to his family. In 2012, WWE called Poffo to ask about posthumously inducting Savage. “They again did not say they were sorry for my father or brother’s passing, even though they had the chance” he said. “I told them that I would honor my brother’s wishes and only say yes if the entire Poffo family was inducted.”

Poffo says he has now softened his stance on the induction and is offering an olive branch. “This is for the fans,” Poffo said. “They want to honor Randy and see him get his respect. So if the WWE wants Randy in the Hall of Fame but not my father or me, they should do it. Unless they call my mother and offer their condolences, I will not be there.”


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