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April 3, 2014

Triple H On Which 'Mania Match He's Looking Forward To, Where He Keeps His Shovel, MMA, Kofi, More

Triple H took part in a Twiiter Q&A today. Here are some highlights:

What other WrestleMania match he's looking forward to: Taker vs Brock. Having been in the ring with both, it will be a war!

If he gets nervous before matches: Absolutely. If you aren't nervous, you don't care...

Where he keeps his shovel: Under my mattress. Just next to my big bag of gold...

If he ever considered MMA: no, while I like it and respect what they do, sometimes the story lines are silly.

His biggest WWE career regret: Nothing. Everything I've done good or bad has let to today.

Outsider to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: keep your eyes on @TrueKofi

Where was his first date with Stephanie McMahon: Production meeting. Where all good romances start. #Stars4Kids


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