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April 10, 2014

Wrestling Columnist Posts "Memo To Nancy Grace"

Source: PWInsider.com

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com has posted a piece entitled Memo to Nancy Grace, Crusading Wrestling Journalist that we wanted to share with all of you:

Dear Nancy Grace,

Thank you for the insightful piece on your CNN Headline News series yesterday on the Ultimate Warrior. I know with the fine journalistic standards you have set for yourself, the facts would certainly be at the forefront of this sad, tragic story.

After all, watching your segment last night, I learned:

*Warrior was found dead.

*There are allegations of "illegal steroid and drug use" in his passing.

*Warrior was a "top WWE Superstar" at the time of his passing.

*Warrior collapsed at his hotel while walking to his car with his wife (Hey....wait a minute, didn't you just say he was found dead?)

*Lots of wrestlers have died young, with implications of drug use - including wrestlers like Mark Curtis (stomach cancer), Owen Hart (fall to his death), Brady Boone (car accident), Joey Marella (actually a referee, car accident), Chris Candido (blood clot following surgery) and DJ Peterson (motorcycle wreck).

*That you have no idea what the term "catastrophic medical event" could mean.

*That you don't recognize Diamond Dallas Page when he's not "half-naked."

*That "not everyone" used steroids back in the day, because you never used them.

*That Warrior was referred to as "Ultimate"....well, at least by you.

Thank you so much for the fine upstanding research your team does on your show. Not since the days where your show told me that Chris Benoit may have committed murder because he was upset that he was demoted from the Four Horsemen to ECW and that wrestling fans looked up to "The Grunge" have we seen such hard-hitting, insightful mainstream media work on professional wrestling and those who populate that unique genre.

This incredible attention to detail and journalistic ethics brings me nothing but confidence that every other story you present will be conveyed to your viewers with the same incredible reporting. Your credibility speaks for itself.


Mike Johnson


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