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May 30, 2014

Ric Flair Wrestling for Japanese Promotion, Flair Talks About Dolph Ziggler, Charlotte, His Health

Ric Flair recently spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Charleston Post & Courier. Flair noted that he's down to 228 pounds and is in the best shape he's been in since his TNA run.

The article confirms a recent report that Flair is scheduled to wrestle for a Japanese promotion in September. Flair also talked about wanting to manage Dolph Ziggler when he returns to WWE soon. Flair commented on Ziggler:

"I think he's awesome. He'd be a great guy to manage. He looks like a million bucks. He just can't find his gimmick. He needs to work on his entrance. I could help him with that."

Flair also talked about his daughter, NXT Women's Champion Charlotte:

"She will be the greatest Flair of all time. Her credentials speak for themselves," says Flair. "I'd put her resume up against anybody. She's Rey Mysterio but bigger. She is going to be the greatest female wrestler and the most famous diva in the history of the WWE."


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