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May 23, 2014

WWE Network News and Notes: Monday Night War, Advertisements, Subscribers, Apple, More

* WWE CFO George Barrios participated in a presentation at the Global Technology, Media & Telecom conference in Boston this week. Here are some highlights:

* The Monday Night War will debut "in the fall" on the WWE Network.

* Assuming WWE loses all of their pay-per-view business, they need 1.3-1.4 million WWE Network subscribers to break even. They believe they can reach 2-4 million subscribers globally within 2-3 years

* They monitor the quality of the WWE Network "by the second" after going through some rough patches during launch week.

* On March 30th, they had "about" 500,000 subscribers for the Network. By WrestleMania XXX Sunday on April 7th, they had 667,000 subscribers. They will announce numbers quarterly going forward.

* Apple gets 30% of any subscribers made through them. There are similar deals for other platforms, such as a Roku.

* They have discussed running advertisements on the Network but haven't made a decision on that.

* WWE doesn't maintain credit cards on file from Network subscriptions as they use partners to process that material.


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